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September 10 2005

The Flat Hat alerts its readers to Serenity. Spoiler free piece from the student newspaper of the College of William and Mary.

I just love the tone of this.

Great article! I'm sure it grabbed the attention of the unfortunate souls who no nothing of the greatness of Joss Whedon.
Hopefully it will be enough to get them to go to the theaters and check out Serenity!

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OMG, I love how that article uses words. Absolutely fantastic!
How can I tell him to stop making "Serenity Now" jokes when I do it all the time?

I really enjoyed this article.
Shiny, indeed. That there is a mighty fine piece of writing. Very deft in handling the obvious assumptions about Joss, his work, and genre in general, then turning it on its ear. Chock full of good lines, but I loved this one particularly:

"This galaxy isnít far, far away; itís right here and youíd love it."

Now wouldn't that look nice at the top of a full page ad in your major daily newspaper? I hope Universal catches all these preview articles -- terrifically quotable lines in abundance.
yay William & Mary!!! alma mater of Doug Petrie, and me. :)
I am sending this to all my non-flan friends for sure!

Nice link purplehaze! :)

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