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September 10 2005

Grudge match: Buffy Vs. Angel. Pledge your undying loyalty to the quippy Sunnydale Slayer or the tall, dark brooding vampire with a soul. Oh and there's a poll as well. It's a bit odd really (reg req).

I can't possibly choose between the two. I refuse!

That's easy for me: Angel :)
pink; unicorns....umm, when did Buffy turn into Harmony?
While I refuse to register with them, it looks like they also have an interview with Julie Benz.
Hey, it's tied in the poll 9 to 9. I'm pulling for Angel. -- For all your "I don't want to register" needs.
Thanks to TheJoyofZeppo. It was Buffy for me. "Angel's lame. His hair sticks straight up and he's bloody stupid."
Okay, not so lame or so stupid but still my second choice.
BugMeNot is what I used. But I can't decide! I just cannot vote in this one.
Nope, I refuse to choose between the two. Now, if they'd ask me to do it year specific, I'd be able to do it:

Buffy S1/No Angel -> Buffy S1
Buffy S2/No Angel -> Buffy S2
Buffy S3/No Angel -> Buffy S3
Buffy S4/Angel S1 -> Angel S1
Buffy S5/Angel S2 -> Angel S2 (hardest choice of the lot, though)
Buffy S6/Angel S3 -> Angel S3
Buffy S7/Angel S4 -> Angel S4
No Buffy/Angel S5 -> Angel S5

Now this might look like Angel is my favorite show. But not necessarily so. To put things in perspective, here's my overall favorite B/A seasons in order:

Buffy S2, Buffy S3, Angel S5, Buffy S1, Angel S2, Buffy S5, Angel S3, Angel S4, Buffy S7, Buffy S6, Angel S1, Buffy S4.

But favorite show overall? Very hard to say. I rate Buffy and Angel on pretty much equal footing.

[ edited by GVH on 2005-09-11 03:27 ]
They aren't talking about the show, they want you to choose which is the best character.
Whoops, my bad. Didn't bother getting past the log in part, since I wasn't going to choose between both shows anyway.

Just forget I did that long-ass sum-up post there. I'll be in the corner shutting up ;)
Too difficult to choose. :) And no one can make me! *clings to box sets of each show*
I'm not going to do this - but if I were to use bugmenot and then vote, would I be cancelling out the votes of those above me in this thread (and others) since the poll will think we're all the same person?
Get this, it's still tied between the two of them with 31 votes each. I actually think that's the way it should be. Don't you?
No Purplehazel - I think it will give you a unique log-in each time you try it.

And voted for Buffy but love the idea that they are tied. Wonder if that would be the case if it was Angel vs. Spike though??!! I know, I'm a troublemaker!!
Angel and Spike I believe would be a dead heat as well. You could have a poll of Buffy vs. Angel vs. Spike vs. Faith and they would all probably be tied together.
That's an easy choice for me, buffster all the way.

My favorite season in order:

Buffy S5, Buffy S4, Buffy S2, Angel S5, Angel S4, Buffy S6, Buffy S7, Angel S1, Buffy S3, Angel S2, Buffy S1, Angel S3.

It's just like asking who's a better vampire with a soul, what would start an annoying fanboy/girl debacle.
Yikes, Buffy S4 in second place. Now that's a scary thing. Sure, there was fun and good in season 4 (hell, it's Buffy), but for me that season got ruined by inapropriate humor, stemming not from the situations like it used to, but being used to ridicule (maybe that's too strong a word) characters, the initiative storyline which fell completely flat imho, the introduction of Riley who may have been the single most boring character on any one of Joss' shows ever and the not-so-popular-opinion in current Buffy fandom that a great character like Spike got turned into a big old parody of himself never to truly recover.

Now if we'd had to choose between Angel/Spike, that'd have been easy: Angel all the way. Spike was a great character, a brilliant bad guy once upon a time, but then we got all the chipped-spike nonsense, where he didn't get slayed for reasons beyond explaining...

He got better when he got a soul, since at least then his actions made more sense, but the chipped period and the fact that so many fans felt that he had somehow earned his soul in his chipped period, kinda devalued the character for me. And that's a real shame, seeing as James Masters is an amazing actor and early Spike was a truly great creation.

But I'm a minority to hold such an opinion it seems, so I'm pretty sure that Spike would've won any poll he would've been in. I think he's probably the most popular Buffyverse character there is.
I don't like to rank seasons as I loved them all, I guess I'd say:
Buffy #6
Buffy #5
Buffy #2
Angel #5
Angel #3
Buffy #7
Angel #1
Angel #2
Buffy #3
Buffy #4
Buffy #1
Angel #4
Then again, tomorrow it will be different!
Favorite characters:
Least favorite:
Angel all the way! Who would have suspected! Spike next, then Buffy, Willow, Wes, and Fred. Oh, wait, I forgot Giles.I won't mention any names, but there were some characters who irritated me completely!
Astronauts! What, wrong debate?!??

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