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September 10 2005

Fan Fest at Universal Studios Theme Park CA 9/24/05. "Universal Studios Hollywood guests will have a rare opportunity to meet Joss Whedon and the cast of Serenity and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the film."

From Jeremy's site: "We just got word that on Saturday September 24th (two days after the red carpet premiere), Universal will be hosting a Serenity Fan Fest at Universal Studios Theme Park. 'Joss and & members of the cast are doing a Q&A, meet & greet/signing and we’ll be screening something (clips, bloopers…not sure exactly) at the beginning of the Q&A. There will be a special $15 off entry in to the park coupon for the event..'"

Oh that sounds like fun. Oh wait I live in Northern Ireland. Damn.
Just a reminder that payment of $60 for the 9/22/05 premiere shindig (mentioned here) at the Hard Rock Cafe mezzanine overlooking the "red carpet" is due by Monday noon Pacific Daylight Time.

Oh, and sorry Simon. We'll have to hoist a pint to you and other fans around the globe. :)
Oh woe is me! Why do I live in the middle of nowhere, where nothing good ever happens? I want to go to Fan Fest! :(
Cheers Ying :). Take loads of pics at the fan fest.
Oh to have this event in the UK, you Americans get all the fun!
Let's see - 1,384 miles, 25 miles to the gallon, $3.00 per gallon. I suck at math but it just doesn't add up (divide, multiply?) for me. Alas, all sounds like loads of fun though.
There'll be something happening in London a few days prior to launch here... (Can't actually say until I'm told I can)

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gilesno1fan, to be more exact, Californians get all the fun. Those of us who live on the east coast, not so much with the Universal Parties.

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So, anyone in the park can attend this thing? Or is it an extra special event?

I'm so there it hurts.
Hey, Universal has a theme park in Orlando. Why don't they do something like this there? Then those of us in the southeast might have a shot.
Sounds very cool. How do you get the $15 off coupon?

.......Yeah, I'm cheap. So what?!
Dang, I'm actually planning on being in LA on 9/25...but not the 24th, b/c I have a bday party in SF to go to.

Hey the person whose birthday I'm going to is a Firefly fan (converted by me!)...I wonder if I could convince her to change venues ;).
Ohhh, this hurts.

More and more I'm regretting leaving the prime center of SoCal to go to college in the middle-of-freaking-nowhere Utah this particular year...

Smog-free air, beautiful mountains everywhere, no crazy L.A. drivers...and not a BDH in sight.
Yikes, but that sounds cool-as-hell. Ah well, between the pre-screening and the premiere with Nathan and Summer here in The Netherlands, I really shouldn't complain...but man, I'd love to be at that event.

Everyone who's going: have an incredible time! (although I'm sure that won't be much of a problem)
Why do the airlines have to be in a fare war right now, it only leads me into greater temptation.

Joss Darn It!!!!!!!!!

I got my plane ticket so I guess I'm going out there for a day again. :P
I was going down to L-A that week anyway, and debating if I can squeeze in a trip to Universal Studios. Well, now I'll have to.
Can't wait!
> Smog-free air, beautiful mountains everywhere, no crazy L.A. drivers...and not a BDH in sight.

Hey, I was an extra in the movie (BDE), and I live in Utah... Oh and Utah Browncoats, we are renting out a Jordan Commons screen for a midnight showing Thursday Sept 29 (30 once it's midnight). Help us fill the theater.
Nice to see you!

Im still working on how i could attend the fest...
I live 20 minutes away.

Are these things loner friendly?

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