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September 10 2005

Going to have a beer with Joss! Joss takes time out to be with his peeps!

My train leaves in 20 mins to meet him at the Rocks!
I'll send my love from you Whedonesque folks...and get some photos!

Kickass, Nix, let us know how it goes :)
This force of nature is a prince among men. I mean seriously, who does this sort of thing? *sigh* Some day I might be lucky enough to meet Jossy boy and somehow he'll convince me that he's a mere mortal. Until then I'll live vicariously through the likes of Nixygirl, RavenU and Caroline among others.
Hanging out with Joss? Having a beer, kickin' back, discussing the 'verse? His. His 'verse? A dream come true.

Color me the most incredibly envious color imaginable. Represent, nix. Give him our love.
When I got the call from a fellow Browncoat about this, the first thing I thought (after the hysterical ringing in my ears had calmed down) was: What a guy. He's so good to us Browncoats, and it's absolutely wonderful that he would take the time to do this - especially given his ridiculously full schedule while he's in Australia. It's an exciting time to be a Browncoat in Sydney!

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nixygirl - you are on a roll these last couple of weeks - BDM for the 3rd (or is it 4th time), Q&A, ...! And now you get to have a glass with Himself. I hate you, you lucky, lucky bastard! Seriously though, go there and kick ass, though not His because that would be very very wrong!

Have at least one extra foamy from me with Him! And remind him how good Perth is - he could come over here any time and see our ... our ... oh crap just tell him to enjoy Sydney!
This is the coolest thing in the world, and I officially am simmering in jealousy. Though, huh, I would never actually go to this b/c I would sit there all night quietly and utterly unable in speak, so it's just as well.
:P He COULD'VE decided to come over to Melbourne first!

Great for the Sydney peeps, I'm really not that cut up about it because I'll be seeing him in 2 days.. Any Jossness is goodness. ;)
Congrats Nixygirl, your probably there right now, I hope your having the best time! And yes, I don't know if Joss can get any cooler. Who does this!
Wonderful post from a great man. It made my Sunday morning just reading that, and I'm not even in Oz
Grins at Joss' signature.
There are some right nice pubs in the Rocks. My sister-in-law used to live there. Uh, anyway, have a good time, and somebody take notes.

And make sure to point out how to get to the towers used in the helicopter rescue in The Matrix - they're the Allianz and BT towers at the harbour end of Market Street.
That does sound fantastic. Joss's friendliness and respect for his fans is equally only by his brilliance. Of course I haven't met him before so I'm only going on the various interviews with or statements from him, or people who have met him, but he really seems to be a genuine, decent guy.
Wow. I mean really wow. I hope the bars there are big. I'm just imaging long lines of Browncoats trying to get into the same bar Joss is in. Hope you guys all have a great time with the boss.
*joining everyone else in a quick dip in the pond of jealousy*
Dayamn! Have fun Nixygirl! I love that Joss is so friendly and welcoming to his fans...what a guy! It's grey and miserable in London - it's sunny and Jossy in Oz! Grrrr.
Have fun nixygirl. *wishes that anyone would come to Germany for once*
Nixy, could you do me a favour? Thank Joss for "Becoming Part. 2" for me.

This afternoon/evening was one of the best of my life. Joss is an absolute gentleman - charming, caring, considerate, funny, respectful and patient. I don't think he expected the numbers that we got (around 100), but he made sure that he had a chat to everyone who was there, and was incredibly gracious when it came to signing things and having photos taken (in fact, he invited it!!) He chatted and mingled for almost 4 hours, despite obvious tiredness. He went above and beyond the call of duty, and his taking the time to have a drink and chat with his fans confirms his status as an absolutely lovely guy.

Thank you Joss.
Wow! That's such a nice thing to do. Like really wow.

But as a completely selfish aside - I just know that the reknowned friendliness of Australians that he experienced there at the orient has convinced Joss that he really -must- shoot Wonder Woman in Sydney :) Its a wonderful place to raise children and we serve actual beer - not that water-which-may-contain-traces-of-beer they serve in the States :)
Thank you ZuckerBaby, it is great to hear from one of the lucky hundred who accepted the 'invitation'. Of course I expected no less, if he hadn't wanted a crowd of loyal fans he wouldn't have posted to a public board.
Yep the guy is a gem! Laughed heartilly at all my jokes! I even heard him use my "Sign it to Ebay" autograph joke a few times afterwards. When I asked him if he needs any fat ppl to star in Wonder Woman (as I nudged him saying ...heh heh ME!) He looked nervous; giggled, then I told him I was joking obviously, my words "Oh I know you Americans take everything sooo seriously"... He smiled looked me in the face and said "NO...I was raised in a tribe of Fat People!" to which I replied..."It shows...welcome home son!".. much mirth ensued.
Also, he knew who I was. He said "Nixygirl, I've read you!" and I said "Where? Whedonesqe?"...He replied laughingly "NO...cause I never read my own board!!!"
He really was a total sweetheart! Made sure he spoke to every person, and then was appologizing for leaving...I mean he'd stayed for almost 4 hours! Even talked to my daughters on the phone. Honestly, it was just like he was family.
Is that weird? No...I suppose not.
Anyhoo, I'll post a link tomorrow to all my photos.
I'm sure he'll be reading this tonight also!
Nixygirl that is so cool, I'm so very honestly happy for you, and Zuckerbaby, and everyone who hung out with him today, this is like a dream come true! Wish me luck and the ability to speak better english than Xander in an exciting situation for Tuesday night (Second Serenity screening for me, first Q&A/meeting with our Lord)!
Wow, I may not live in Australia (or any place Joss will ever get even close to thinking about visiting), but this just goes to show - once again - the incredible dedication of this man - to his fans, to his work etc. Come on, what kind of director who just did a $40 million picture hangs out with his fans in a totally non-formal fashion like that? Can't think of even a semi-unknown European art film director who'd be willing to do it. Just incredible. Once again, extreme kudos to the Joss-man/god. =)

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Now Joss needs to come to the exotic land of southern New Jersey to have a beer. It's not that far from Sydney.
He recognized your username! Haha, that's brilliant. Joss is the best.
I fear if I tell joss I am gossi he may slap me in a manly fashion. Right now I'm 'that creepy guy with the film camera' still.
I fear if I tell joss I am gossi he may slap me in a manly fashion. Right now I'm 'that creepy guy with the film camera' still.

Yes, but that's what makes you distinctive! People deserving manly slaps are far more memorable than those of us who are kind, polite and pretty much invisible.
This totally warms my heart. What lucky, lucky people you Aussies are. Wow.

Hey, Joss, when are you coming to Portland?
Yea when he first said he knew me I was like "Sure ya do. That's what you say to all the girls" but he was insistant that he really had read stuff I'd posted! Kool hey!I'm pretty damn happy cause I get to hang with him again tomorrow night! Yaya! Will have a photo link for you all soon. I am the very fat girl in black hugging him.
I think he should come to Ireland. We have great hospitality here, plus, Guinness.
Nah, I think he should come to Amsterdam. We have drugs and whores. Um... and kulcher, yes, plenty of kulcher.
Hahaha! All good reason Caroline! I'll be on a plane tomorrow. Actually make that tuesday, I wanna hang with Joss again tomorrow night ;)
Oh some photos from tonight also not all of them just a few...
Click Here
I think he should come to Liverpool. We have car theft, high unemployment and waffles.
nixygirl: brilliant, thanks for taking.
Guinness...Guinness...Guinness...Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I like Guinness. (Not the adverts though. They make me want to hit things)

Respect to Da Joss Man for being so nice. And all this talk of Sydney makes me want to be back there right now. Although their McDonalds give you Big Macs when you ask for Fillet O Fish, apart from that minor detail its my favourite city in the world. I'm now jealous of Joss, not for the fact he created three genius shows and a soon to come out movie, has a wonderful family and is respected and loved by fans and critics alike. It's that he's in Sydney, enjoying the sun! *Throws toys out of the pram and breaks Barbie in half*

I want to be in Sydney! Its not fair!

(Gossi don't forget to add 15 year old Vauxhall Astra's driven by 13 year old chavs onto the list. It would be rude to not include the Burberry Bashers.)
Oh my, I gotta change continent right away. I mean, nothing ever happends around here. I mean, sure, the Fantastisk Filmfestival screening will happen here but that's 5 days before the US premiere, everyone will just be too busy doing the promotion thingy back in the States to have time to come to Sweden I bet. But atleast I get to see the masterpiece so I'm not complaining.

Come Joss, join us here in Sweden. We've got pretty girls and... and... ehhh... pretty girls and... well, actually that's the only thing I can come up with right now. Hope that's enough... :)
Great pix Nix, good to see Joss is joining in the Aussie spirit and has a pint in his hand in nearly all the pictures.
thank you, Nixygirl, for the link to photos; that was very considerate of Joss to wear bright blue (it photographs very well). It looks like you all had the greatest time and I'm sure he had no reqrets about posting his drinking invitation!
I'm so glad the Sydney folks got to meet Joss and had a great time. Thanks for the links Nixygirl.

I'm with Nebula1400, though rugged Northern New Jersey is part of the NY Metro area which may be more convenient than the exotic Southern portion of the state... Does Joss still have friends and family to visit in the NY Metro area? I'm sure we would be happy to include his local friends, family, pets, etc. in any little get togethers that he might be willing to attend while he is in the City sometime. ;-)
Joss is just so wonderful. I mean, we knew that already, didn't we? But he is just so FREAKIN' MAGIC!
Did y'all notice his subject line when he posted?
"Fire, bad. Joss, foamy." Ha!

So when is he dropping in for a pint in Toronto? We have pubs and everything. He'd think he was back in England!
The campaign for Joss in Londonshire pubs in October has begun..
I'd buy him a pint! And apologise for the lack of standing ovation a couple off weeks ago...

Make that two pints. And some pork scratchings.
Wow. That's pretty amazing.
Nixygirl, you are a true gem! Thanks for the pictures, and of course Joss knows you! You're one of my favorite Aussies!

It's many TV/movie writer big wigs would just sent out an invite like that? A truely amazing person, I would love to have guinness with him. Geez, what am I saying? I would have guinness with my psycho cousin. Joss, there is more in Central Illinois than just corn, I swear. There's a lot of corn though....damn.
"NO...I was raised in a tribe of Fat People!" to which I replied..."It shows...welcome home son!"

First of all, what a fantastic exchange! Laughed out loud. But second -- did anyone notice that Joss actually seems to have lost quite a bit of weight? He's a little waif, our Man. He looks great, but I hope those Universal folks are feeding him as he jets around the globe doing right by his once and future fans...

Nix -- I can't begin to comprehend how cool that must have been... thanks ever so for sharing. And the picture of you and Joss? Well, that's just as good as it gets. It's charming and adorable of him, and it's really lovely of you. Clear a spot on your mantle; that's a keeper. Well done, you. Oi, oi, oi!

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Joss lost a lot of weight! I think if I give him mine, he'd still be skinny!

Great pics, Nixygirl! It's nice to see a face to go along with the name. Thanks for posting them!
did anyone notice that Joss actually seems to have lost quite a bit of weight?

I said that to him last night! After the fat joke...
I was like "Your getting damn skinny man...looking good! So how much weight have you lost?

He said he didn't know he hadn't weighed himself...
To which I rolled my eyes and said "Shhhheeeaaa right!"
But then I went inot this big speel about how I lost 80 kilos a few years back (which is true...I nearly died and had too)
And I'm still losing ( slowly) I'd weighed my self that day and had lost another I told him that and we talked a little about exercise...
There's a really funny one someones taken of both me and Joss laughing at the fat joke...
I'll send a link when I can.

Oh and Gossi....
He read this thread today!!!
He totally teased me back tonight...after all the teeasing I gave him!
He 'rekons' that he didn't use that whole Ebay joke I told him...I argued and said yes you did!
To which he said he didn't...(I must have just thought I heard it?)...but he totally intends too!
Then I called him a bloody LURKER!!!!!
To which he replied (I think) "I am everywhere!!!"

He was really lovely to both my girls who got last minute tickets from Mims...
and Kaz had jumped out of a plain the day before and he had talked to them last night on the phone.....he even remeber Smileys name (altho he thought it was Molly...she's gotten larygitus and couldn't speak properly to him on the phone)

And thanx for all the love guys!!!
I met Mort tonight in line, one of our very own!
I was video taping testimonials with the crowd to be given to the BDH at the premiere next week!
Zuckerbaby and I have the project up and running!!!
IO also got to ask a question tonight at the Q&A...which I hope you'll all get to see (maybe) at some stage! Universal filmed it!
ooooh. More goodness. Nixygirl, I am so happy for you. And jealous, joss dammit! More details please, once you calm down!

We really really need to think of a reason to get him to Toronto. Herb, you'd come up for that, wouldn't you? (Since Herb is "Down east")
This is the only major English speaking country he hasn't been to. Hmm, while Canada has some very good beers, we do have other intoxicants in which he might be interested....;-)
Nix- That is superawesofantastical :) I just made up a word! Great to hear you got to meet with the Joss and love the pics. Good on you!
Well, he's a big just ask him!
Nixygirl: thanks so much for the report and the pictures. It looked like a jolly good time! What a totally cool and sweet thing to do for his fans.
Thanks again for sharing, Nix. It sounds like you are having a truly outstanding time. It also sounds like Joss deserves a new nick name, The Big Lurker...hmm...The Big Damn Lurker? ;-)
nixygirl: how wonderful an experience you've had! I'm so happy for you. Thanks for sharing it with us via word pictures and actual pictures. Fabulous!

As for a new nickname for Joss with all his lurkage, I'm having a brain fritz right now and I've loaned out my Fray so I can't check, but wasn't the term for vampires in Fray "lurks?"
As for a new nickname for Joss with all his lurkage, I'm having a brain fritz right now and I've loaned out my Fray so I can't check, but wasn't the term for vampires in Fray "lurks?"

Yes, phleb, it sure was. I don't think - wait, have we seen Joss out in the sun lately? Hmm...
Nixygirl, sometimes I think we got the better deal.

You got Joss. We got the Ashes.

No, on second thoughts, you got the better deal.

It sounds like you had a fabulous time. I'm so happy for you.

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