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February 05 2003

Entertainment Geekly "Killer in Me" review

Just a comment about the ep. They said at the the end of series 4 that the initiative was going to "be filled in with concrete" I've checked this on the dvd so I know of what I speak. Seemed to be doing a fairly good effort of walking around in a supposedly full of concrete initiative.
guess they forgot? The Initiative that is---
Never trust the government.
was this covered in the comics? i heard that it wasn't a gaffe, it's in the comics, but i *HAVE NO FIRST-HAND KNOWLEDGE* of this, i don't have most of the comics.
It was covered in the Buffy comic, in a plot arc set after season 6 and before season 7 (issues 47-50). From what I can remember it was put down to government incompetence but Xander then got his construction crew to fill it up with concrete.

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