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September 10 2005

Firefly Marathon at Coolidge Corner in Brookline Massachusetts the weekend before the BDM opens. There will be a Chinese buffet and a Joss Whedon trivia challenge with prizes for the winners.

This sounds like a lot of fun! Wish I lived closer to Brookline!

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Why in the world are they starting at midnight?!? I may go, but I'm sure I'll be asleep come "Objects in Space"...

Um, ok... Now I see that this is part of their "Midnights at the Coolidge" series. Still, ouch.

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OMG I actually live close to one of these for once! Only an hour away. Wow... and I have two friends who've never seen Firefly but want to before Serenity, so this would be perfect! Ooh, I hope I/they can go. :)
Even though I live near L.A., I'm envious. Joss would never be able to simply "hoist a few" with fans in SoCal. Too damn many people (half of them with spec screenplays they'd shov in Joss's face at the first opportunity). You Brookliners who can make it are luckier than you maybe realize.
The Coolidge is great and, I feel compelled to add, completely nonprofit. Everyone who works there does so for the love of film alone, which some part of me finds admirable. Also, they like the same tv shows I do.
bobster, who is going to be hoisting a few? I don't see that in the description at all.
I think Bobster got this thread mixed up with the previous thread about having a beer with Joss. I've done that myself before where I've read one story and then clicked on the wrong thread to respond!

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