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September 11 2005

NY Times on Serenity. September's new movies are previews in today's NY Times Arts section. Serenity gets a very brief (and slightly incorrect, damn it) profile.

I don't know if registration is required, so apologies in advance if it is. The blurb mistakenly calls Mal a "former freedom fighter turned mercenary".

Well he is a bit of a gun-for-hire isn't he?
Any publicity is good, particularly when it sounds quite positive.

Speaking of which, click the film name and submit a Reader Review whilst you're there!
The only other movie on there I have seen much about is "Lord of War" - and that looked very funny in dark sardonic type of way. Otherwise ......
Not exactly a gun-for-hire, I wouldn't say so, Grounded. Captain of a ship, with a crew, that he on occasion hires out for some jobs. On and sometimes beyond the fringes of the law, but when I think "mercenary", I think somebody who works directly for another, controlling entity.
Yes, it's at least some publicity in the most widely read Sunday paper in America, nothing wrong with that!

[ edited by Chris inVirginia on 2005-09-11 17:23 ]
The thing is, I'm really pissed off about the fact they haven't mentioned Joss is married to Jewel - what's up with that?!
Not exactly a gun-for-hire, I wouldn't say so, Grounded

He had his moments. I'm thinking Our Mrs Reynolds and Heart of Gold.

Either way it's hardly a glaring error.
Hey, I just saw the Serenity trailer on tv! It's shorter, obviously, and slightly different than the others. Very exciting!
That is great news, MySerenity!...hope they'll be advertising during football games--that would demonstrate tremendous support from Universal (because that ad space is pretty expensive).
gossi, didn't you hear that Joss left Jewel for Nathan? It says it right here in my Preview Comment. Or was it that Kai left Jewel for Nathan? I get all these singers mixed up.

Yeah, I wish the NYT (my favorite paper) had done their homework at little better. But for folks that don't already know all about the movie this slight distortion is irrelevant, IMO.

Edit: wish not was (apologies to Was Not Was)

[ edited by RBB on 2005-09-11 20:20 ]
but when I think "mercenary", I think somebody who works directly for another, controlling entity.

Yeah, but that's not what the word actually means. Somebody who works directly for another, controlling entity is an "employee," not a mercenary. *grin* Mercenaries are freelance, as are the Serenity crew.

The only real problem with using the term "mercenary" is that it usually refers to soldiers-for-hire, and most of what Mal 'n' the Gang are hired to do isn't soldiering.....

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