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September 11 2005

Serenity adverts start on US TV today as Universal mentioned would happen (reg. required). So, what shows are you guys seeing them on? What happens in them? If we track when they air, we can approximate how many people viewed them.

By the way, normally TV spots start 2 weeks prior to a movie entering cinemas, so this is around a week ahead of schedule.

Sightings so far: ESPN "NFL Gameday" pregame show and SpikeTV's "Car and Driver".

I'm hoping they target Lost...
MTV. Following a Gwen Stefani video.
Just saw one on the YES network during the Yankees-Red Sox game.
I just saw one on MTV @ 1:09(central). I was like "I've heard that line before" and I looked at the TV and saw it. It was during "mtv news presents: after the storm."
FX early afternoon today (US Eastern Time) during "Edward Sissorhands."
Well, this is shiny.
During every primetime Fox show. Heh.
This exceeds my expectations, to be sure...just wonderful!
haha! That made me laugh Simon!
Hhahahahaheruifejm3erfvg . Oh, Fox ;););)
im watching The 4400 with Summer Glau as the guest star right now... im hoping they play it during this show but it's 47 mins into it and still nothing... Just Flightplan and the dvd ad for Hitchhiker's Guide.
Someone at work saw it on Thursday night on the OC (in Canada, anyway). She recognized it because I wear my button everyday and she is currently watching one of my three lending copies (all out right now).
I think ESPN was the channel on when I saw the preview. Very shiny, though I hate sports.

On another note, I showed by best friend of 11 years (a Whedon virgin) Out of Gas last night because she had mono and is on bed-rest. I thought exposing her to my favorite episode would raise her spirits. She loved it. She kept saying "I can't believe all that happened in 40 minutes. And the captain wore a brown-coat like you!" Needless to say, she's gonna brush up on the series before Sept 30th!
Yeah, the adverts started in Canada a few days ago. I think we're about a week and a half away here in the UK.
It would be good if it was on Fox tonight, new seasons of The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad are all starting.

Wonder if it'll be advertized as much as Transporter 2 and The 40 Year Old Virgin they seemed to be on in every single ad break when I was stateside a few weeks ago.
I just saw it on MTV... it's in widescreen, i was flipping through the channels and almost missed it. I skipped it but I recognize the bluish space scene and went back -- oh movie guy voice you're so awesome hehe :)
Watching the NY Giants/Phoenix Cardinals game on Serenity goodness yet...some Al Pacino movie, though, so I'm hoping in the second half to see the Big Damn Heroes...

The Bones promos are not particularly appealing to me and my wife, sad to say. David does look great, though.

The Kitchen Confidential ads are also unappealing...and not anywhere near enough Nick.

And, my Giants are losing. Hope things pick up, on all levels!
Can anybody describe the actual promos? (Fan boy mode on).

Edit: It looks like there's a few versions of the promos.

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I caught one during Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure on Comedy Central. It was near the senses-shattering conclusion of that film, possibly the final commercial break before the end. I can't remember what exactly what was in it beyond scenes of River beating people up. It was much shorter than the theatrical trailers, though.
LOL Simon! Just watching the Simpson's on Fox and they just showed it at 8:10 pm!!
DO you think they will show it during the Simpsons on the west coast? I'll be looking for it!

Oh, the irony.
Just saw it during Simpsons at 10 minutes after, just like Firefly Flanatic said. That was great!
saw it during the simpsons and on MTV twice.
I've been watching TV all night, and NOTHING! I'm watching the wrong shows, well I already knew that...I was watching Charmed. Why? I don't know.
just saw it while watching billy madison on comedy central... amazing, i muted the song on my computer and started screaming "SERENITYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" hahah! it looks like the trailers combined, and yea it was widescreen too... omg i need to go to that free screening in ny 100% now!! haha....
My Birds are the Monday night game tomorrow and I'm hoping for a big fat Serenity spot there... will let y'all now.

And, ah-- there you are, Harm. Felt like I haven't seen you around these parts in some time. Cheers!
*So* glad to see them advertising like this. Yay Universal!

Slightly unrelated note: a customer came into my workplace the other day, and her actual name is Serenity. I was like *internal squee!*, and mentioned the film coming out to her. :)
Harm. The hell. What were you thinking? Hopefully, you aren't a Nielsen.

There had to be something else on. Some reality fuckwit. The Koala Brothers. Some awards show. Bob Ross (RIP).

Were you here, I'd lash you with a damp shoelace.

Still, I must admit your bravery in coming clean about it on a Whedon site. It's a cry for help, yes?
That's definitely a cry for help. Wanting to see Alyssa Milano's boobs is no excuse Harm... sorry... There are plenty of places to see those that are less embarrassing for you and her to admit to.
Step away from the remote, Harm...put it in your freezer.

Many Whedonesquers are here for you... we will send you tapes...dvds...satellite dishes...transcripts...fanfic...comics...action figures...Mr. Gordo...the Orb of Thesulah.

You must remember whence you came! We shall reclaim you! We will save you! All you have to do is ask. We are here for you, sister in pain!

Just remember, the first step is admitting you have a problem...
Um, or so I hear.
LOL Simon! Just watching the Simpson's on Fox and they just showed it at 8:10 pm!!

Must stop predicting things so accurately.
It's not only on TV in Toronto. One of those trucks with the huge marquee signs lit from behind are pacing the streets during the (!!!) Toronto International Film Festival. It may have not made the fest, but at least it has got a presence. I've seen the truck three times now since last Thursday (while waiting for the brand new Sarah Silverman film: Jesus is Magic. Wicked, wicked comic artist. OMMG . . .)

Oh, yeah, the sign is much like the blue/dark poster and serenity web site, slightly changed to spread characters out because it's horizontal.
With a combination of TV adverts, newspaper articles, magazine reviews and cinema trailers, Firefly reenters the Amazon Top Ten selling DVDs.
barest, yes it is me. Been busy which really isn't a good excuse. Nothing should get in between me and my whedonesque.

Willowy, zeitgeist and others, yes I know I'm not watching the right thing. I know Charmed is really bad (to the extent of laughing my way through it), but it's kind of like Friends towards the end. Friends was really bad those last couple of years, but I had to keep watching because I needed to know what would happen. That's kind of my deal with Charmed. All this time checking out the first bit after Angel in the morning on TNT has now made me curious as to how it ends (since this is the last season). I'm a bad, bad girl and should be punished.

To get back on topic, still haven't seen my Serenity!! Now must go to the DMV all day to get new a driver's license :(
The DMV? After that, Harm, I'd say you've been punished enough.
Yea I had a good long chat to Jon from UIP in Oz; and he told me they're starting this weekend in Oz too!

Oh BTW I just wrote a little writeup about the Q&A on the 'Beer with Joss' thread.
It's not only on TV in Toronto. One of those trucks with the huge marquee signs lit from behind are pacing the streets during the (!!!) Toronto International Film Festival. It may have not made the fest, but at least it has got a presence. I've seen the truck three times now since last Thursday

On the Canadian Browncoat boards, people have already spotted two giant Serenity billboards in downtown Toronto. One by Yonge/Church and another one by Bay/Davenport.
I also saw a thirty-second t.v. spot during Bill & Ted on Comedy Central. The spot itself was compact, fast-paced and got a couple of good punch lines in there (eg. " can't") before showing the name and release date. I ran into my roommate's room and nearly squee-d out a lung. Well cut for the Comedy Central crowd, should spark some interest.

This was on top of seeing 2 large Serenity one-sheets (the blue one, thank Joss) in the downtown Hollywood area on Friday night. The first exterior Serenity promo I've seen ever--since I don't go to chain movie trailer for me yet :( --so it's been a good weekend for me in general. Plus, I'm leading my office football pool...go Eagles.

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