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September 11 2005

(SPOILER) RealAudio clip of Joss' interview on Australia's Radio National on Sept 12th, 2005. Poor Joss sounds very tired, but still gives good interview! Check his Australian Media Itinerary for more things to listen and watch.

Um, there should be a spoiler warning here. :/ Nothing big, but he does say his favorite line from the movie, which seems to give away some. (I don't really know, I haven't seen it yet and I'm pretty much unspoiled.)
Sorry about the lack of spoiler. Between the toast, Half-Blood Prince, clothes, keys, iPod, lack of registered software, front door, museli and streaming I neglected to listen to most of the interview! I'll listen more carefully for the next one.
Put a spoiler tag on this thing. Now.

Sigh. Only had three weeks to go, too.
Not to be a wet blanket or anything but where does this stand in regards to copyright?
Thanks for the warning fortunateizzi, I skipped past the favorite line part.
Re the spoiler tag, I didn't post it here, Tama did. I've added it to my original post over at Re the copyright, I have no idea. Mebee. If the ABC podcast it, I guess I should take it down? I'll have to take it down anyways for the next one. Heh.
Sorry for not adding the Spoiler tag at the beginning - I listened to this over breakfast and it didn't even occur to my early-morning mind that line would be spoilerish! :(

Re:copyright. The ABC does podcast many of its radioshows and I suspect strongly when teh best-of selection for this week is done this interview will be part of it. More to the point, the ABC is Australia's public broadcaster and in a very real sense, the Australian public owns its output. Either way, I'm certain no one will ever kick up a fuss over this interview being posted as an mp3.
As much as I appreciate the rationale, I'd rather we didn't link to MP3s of shows so I've changed the link to a page on the official radio website where people can listen to the interview.

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