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September 12 2005

(SPOILER) Play the Serenity mobile game. This is now a link from the official site. I don't see anything playable, but there are video and screenshots of the Serenity game for cellphones. Some spoilers in the "about the game" and "faq" sections.

Is anyone else reminded of Gradius III (or at least a top-down POV version of some other bland space shooter) when they look at this? Please tell me I'm not the only one!
Admittedly OT, but my favourite was always Super R-Type for the Super Nintendo (who cares about the slow-down, that just means more time to admire the lovely backgrounds!).

Anyway, more to the point, I know that there might not be an interesting game for mobile devices if "the Serenity" (jeez...) didn't have weaponry, but as Jayne so eloquently said in "The Train Job": "Damn yokels can't even tell a transport ship ain't got no guns on it."

However, it sure is great to see that video games have progressed so much since 1991 - those screenshots are amazing!

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Does that have anything to do with the movie apart from the name Serenity?
When I look at the image of Serenity on the homepage, I want to have a cuddly toy version of the ship.
Was this the one with the "bizarre alien ships"?
They're not intended to be "bizarre alien ships". Supposedly they're Alliance and Reaver ships.

"Serenity is protected from damage by an electro-magnetic force-field shield that absorbs any damage inflicted. Initially Serenity is protected by a basic shield that has a health of 100 hit points. Through the game, the player may upgrade Serenity’s
shield to more powerful versions with higher hit point values."

Um, no. Bad game developers. They could have just written it as the hull of the ship being able to withstand 100 hit points worth of damage. It was able to take a bit of a beating in the series, so there was no need to add force fields to the equation.

Ah well. For a cell phone game, it doesn't look half bad. I like that you can upgrade the ship with the credits you earn.
The developers sent me these media clips a while ago to help them publicise it, but I decided not to publish them..
Looking at the site, there are actually two ways you can play. You can play in action mode (fight your way through the ships) or in stealth mode (avoid the ships). So there is the option to have a no weapons Serenity.
Glad to see a Serenity game, but unfortunately, it doesn't feel very Serenity-like at all. It looks like they just took a pre-existing game and swapped out all the art (which is probably what they actually did).

If they wanted a game with guns, they should have put the action on the ground, so Mal, Jayne, and Zoe shooting things would actually make sense.

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