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September 12 2005

Amy Acker to guest on 'Alias'? According to a news item over at Hellmouth Central, Andy Hallett told SlayerCon attendees that Amy had just finished shooting a guest spot for the show.

Oh my God.

I love Alias, almost as much as Buffy, Angel and Firefly (but not quite as much) so if this is true, it would be fantastic if Amy Acker was another of the wonderful guest stars. I really hope this is true because Amy is an extremely talented actress and it would be great to see her on another great show.
I was also at this convention and yep, Andy did say that she had finished shooting an episode of Alias. I was thrilled to hear it.
Rockin' good news! Wonder what kind of character she'll be playing.
Hmmm. If Amy's around, there's some hope for this season of Alias. Note: I said "some." Further note: I reserve the right to recant this statement.
Excellent news, Amy is great.
Does anyone know which Mutant Enemy writers are on staff over at Bad Robot (Alias/Lost) this season?
GrrrAargh, personally I've only reached the third season of Alias on DVD and I've yet to be disappointed so far. I've heard a lot of criticism of seasons three and four, but I'm reserving judgement until I see them for myself. After all, season six of Buffy was criticised unfairly whilst it has become one of my favourite seasons.
As far as I know, Jeff Bell and Drew Goddard are still on the ALIAS staff.
I think cjl is right, and that's about it. As far as I remember there's no one left in the Lost staff.
Hopefully Amy's episode will one of Jeff's or Drew's, making it even shinier.
hmmmm, only watched the first season of Alias. May have to get back into it. Shoot, I've been renting Smallville just so I know what's going on when I start watching James this season. I think I can swing some Alias DVDs. Hey, come on, Smallville IS better than Charmed.
*bites lip so as not to speak*
My dearest zeitgeist, I never said I liked Smallville. In fact, I really don't. Crappy writing, fairly crappy stories, crappy characters. The only gem is Lex. If anyone needs Joss back on TV, it has to be me, huh?
I'm in shock, just the other day I met a person who called Buffy crap, and the worst part... He likes "Charmed" (no, it's worse, he LOVES Charmed, and think it's the best show on air). Is that even possible? Okay, he could've said that Buffy wasn't for him, but calling it crap, was like streching the boundaries of reality. And then calling Charmed the 8th wonder, even that's too much. I gotta believe that he was too mesmerized by Alysa Milano's outfits (or lack of, sometimes) to make real retional assumptions.

Harmalicious, I think that Alias is an "ok" show. It's not exceptional in any sense, but it does have some compelling characters, and even they are to far off in the line of belief, they do deliver some quite interesting stories.

Smallville is tolerable. I just find that the creators ability to dumb down good characters, quite amusing. Lex seems to be the one who don't suffer as much from this process, and they actually delivered a quite delightful Lois Lane last year.

Great news about Amy, though. Has she gotten back to shape. Really curious about her role in the show, hope is some decent guest start spot, and not some cheesy cameo thing.

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oh what fantastic news!

can't wait till we get to see it in Australia.... bah, next year sometime
OMG, Numfar! Really? 8th wonder, bwah! So, is this strange person a friend of yours? I'm hoping you will do what you can to pull him into the right direction. Buffy? Crap? Charmed? Best show on the air? What kind of bizarro world did we land in?
This is awesome. Alias + Amy = the sex. *orgasms*
lol at Chris..and a little eww

But are there any con reports of the convention, I think it was Slayercon?
Ok, Harm, that's okay then. Now let's all find this person who said Buffy is crap and Charmed is the 8th wonder and slap them awake with a herring.
My view is that Alias season 1 and 2 were GREAT, but the last two seasons have played like the last two seasons of Buffy did - highly mediocre with the occasional cool episode.

What little of Smallville I've seen was pretty awful - Buffy with better production values, but worse everything else.

Charmed is practically unwatchable. It really bugs me when people put shows like Charmed and Buffy on the same level. LIke I had a friend who liked the first three seasons of Buffy, but stopped watching during season 4. Can't blame him too much there... but then we were in Best Buy, and he was like "ooh Charmed!" and I was like "are you bleeping kidding me?" He's like, "no, it's a fun show...and you can't say anything, you love Buffy." Like what is that sposed to mean? Because they are both genre shows featuring young women, they are automatically on the same level? Sorry, but was Charmed named one of the fifty greatest TV shows of all time? Is the creator of Charmed an Emmy and Oscar nominated writer now writing and directing major Hollywood movies?

Along the same lines, I've heard people say "Firefly is about as good as Stargate SG-1." I saw an episode today of SG-1. It was embarassing. It's not even in the same universe as Firefly (literally or metaphorically). This is coming from someone who wasn't even that big a fan of Firefly...but it's just so frustrating how genre shows are clumped together and seen as equally "geeky," and "cheesy," no matter what ovbious differences in quality they may have.
zeitgeist - so long as it's not a *red* herring...
Ha, red herring indeed :)
In my opinion-

Buffy + Angel + Firefly>Alias>Smallville>Charmed

Buffy, Angel and Firefly are perfect in practically every respect. Intelligent, thought provoking, original, funny, well written and acted, and also have a lot of enjoyable action and monsters and such.

Alias is a great show by normal standards, it's just when held up to B/A/F it isn't just as good. The first two seasons were very strong, with a range of interesting characters and situations plus a lot of fun action and plot twists, however I am unsure of how the third and fourth seasons will turn out.

I'm optimistic, but I'm just not sure whether they will be good and where they will lead to. With Joss's shows I was always very positive towards each new season and this was always validated. I felt confident about them. With Alias I am enjoying it so far but I'm just unsure if it can be sustained.

Smallville is watchable, certainly entertaining on a basic level and has some great effects. However, the plots are mostly the same stuff retreaded, at least from the first three seasons I have seen. The first season in particular felt like the same episode only with a different villain each week. Like how one of Clark's friends are endangered by a kryptonite enhanced person and when he goes to rescue them, they are conveniently knocked unconscious (in order to protect his secret) and he manages to dispatch of the villain without killing them.

I just don't feel it has the writing to elevate it to something as good as Buffy, where the supernatural situations become the norm and you are more interested in the characters. The majority of them are fairly one dimensional and uninteresting. Clark is a likeable, decent, kinda boring guy, Lana is like the female version of that, Pete is the token best friend who serves no purpose, Clark's parents are appropriately supportive and understanding.

I do feel there are a few really interesting characters like Chloe, Lex and Lionel, and who are all performed really well, but that their potential hasn't really been fully realised yet. That's the way I feel about the whole show. It has most of the ingredients to be really good but instead it's a little underwhelming.

Charmed is just terrible. It lacks even the good effects and action that Smallville has, is devoid of anything original or intelligent, any good acting or writing.
Okay guys, I just saw the new episode of "Supernatural", and on the preview for next week's episode, I saw Amy Acker!!!! They only showed her for a few seconds but it was definitely her, I know her voice anywhere!!! Can't wait to see that!!!

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