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February 06 2003

Buffy the Animated Series artwork. Stunning designs for the spinoff that never happened.

that is amazing. i'm seriously so disappointed that the animated series wasn't ever fleshed out.
hmmm... t-shirts... he should sell 'em, he'd make a bundle
Isn't it still a spinoff (like Ripper) which could happen? I wasn't missing it until I saw the great artwork.
I think it is in development hell with no network willing to pick it up.

I love the way the library table is shaped as a cross in his design.
The library looks like the one they had in the unaired pilot, which was deemed unworkable in the end. A cathedral of books.
Sure has a great gothic feel to it. But at least we've seen one episode from it. 'Him' apparently was adapted from a script from the animated series.
man, they could sell those cels and make a mint (channeling Anya this morning, obviously).
My favorite design is Willow. What's everybody else's?
I'm really impressed by the Angel and Xander designs.
Willow and Xander look great. Love the library drawing.
check the for sale page there. i'd add the link, but i can't deal w/ figuring it out right now. the promo poster drawing is for sale, price upon request.
Just got this message from the artist (somebody's about to have A LOT of work on his hands...):

(contents of private e-mail removed on request of sender)

[ edited by prolific on 2003-02-07 08:40 ]
I dunno, I think the Xander design looks an awful lot like that guy from "Joe Millionaire". And Angel looks like a big bad priest. :)
jlp - it's just xander's 'inner construction worker' breaking thru. :)
A picture of Dawn in the designs? Were they going to retell the first five seasons with Dawn in the picture? That'd be really cool!

It's a shame we'll never see any of that. I'd like to experience a rework of Whedon's entire vision retroactive so that all the plot elements work with more cohesion, and where he wouldn't have to work around actors coming and going. Maybe also start with Ben in the picture a lot earlier, where he almost becomes part of the Scooby gang, and then he 'betrays' everybody by inadvertently becoming Glory.

No Oz. And no Tara doodles. That's a disappointment. Is part of the reason why the cartoon couldn't get a buyer because some of the plot elements require more adult issues than most suits imagine should belong in a cartoon?
If Spike can be requested for commission, I wonder if Faith and The Mayor could be as well. Hmmm. Off to e-mail the artist.
I think Giles looks wonderful, all narrow-chinned, but my favourite cell is the first one of Buffy standing on the tombstone. Very, very cool.
So, is the Animated series officially not going to happen?
Does anyone have any articles on that, or quotes from Joss&co?
Cause last I heard, there was still a chance, they were working on it, it will be launched late 2003.... so I figured there's still hope somewhere in Jossdom.

So, is it really not going to happen?
Got a reply back from Eric Wight re:Faith and The Mayor. He says he can accomodate most requests(meaning yes) and he signs all his work. I feel an order or two coming on :)
To... fricking.. cool.

Some of the best real life to animation designs I've seen in a while.
Joyce: perfect capture of her gracefulness
Dawn: perfect combo of bratty and whiney
Syder: not puny enough :-(
Xander: not dopey enough :-(
I would so pay for a t-shirt., Radosh! I promise to buy mugs and t-shirts for all my buffy-addict friends.
ZachsMind: No Oz and no Tara because the cartoon was to be set in the first season. I don't think there was a problem with adult issues; the cartoon was supposed to be all Monster-of-the-Week, all about the funny.
So, is the Animated series officially not going to happen?

This page doesn't mention anything about Buffy Animated being in production at the moment.
Jlp: Dawn wasn't in the first season yet she's there. To maximize the story-telling possibilities, they'd need to put the best of the series together, kinda like they did with the X-Men series, where they combined old and new and put their best foot forward up front.

I'd give Cordelia the girl entourage of Amy, Anya & Harmony. Amy would privately be a witch, Anya would secretly be a demon. Harmony would start dating this mysterious guy who turns out to be Spike. He'd turn her. THEN Drusilla shows up to beat the crap out of Spike. I wouldn't follow the original tv series storyline at all. Just take the character variables and tell all new stories. If Dawn's in the picture, Glory has to show up a lot earlier than year five. So you might as well throw Tara & Oz into the mix. Instead of turning Angel evil, have Spike be a bit smarter in the animated series. He comes up with the Big Bad master plans, and Angel & Buffy end up happily beating the crap out of Spike ever after. This way the B/S Shippers get their way in the live action version, and the B/A Shippers get their way in the cartoon version. Everybody's happy.
ZachsMind: Yes, but Dawn was inserted by those wacky monks after the fact into the events of season one. Not so Oz and Tara.

And remember, this was going to be a 22-minute Saturday morning cartoon; it would be prudent to keep the character roster (and relationships) streamlined. The story-telling possibilities are rich, anyway. It would have been all the stuff that happened in Sunnydale in between Tuesdays in the early days, the stuff we never had a chance to see :)
I removed the pricelist on request of Mr Wright. Quoting from private e-mail is always a tricky thing.

That said, though I respect his wishes I should add that I think not being able to find clear pricing for items on websites is in the top ten list of most annoying things on line. Hello, trying to sell stuff, no need to be coy. State a price, add a button and before I know it, I've clicked it and stuff ends up in my shopping cart. But ask me to enquire after prices and I'll click away from your site and forget about your wares, however cool they may be. Having to engage in trade banter with a vendor is not something I, and I would think lots of other people, enjoy.

'Course, since he does commissioned work, the above is beside the point.
Having to engage in trade banter with a vendor is not something I, and I would think lots of other people, enjoy.

Wolfram and Hart (devil's advocate - get it? gawrsh I'm hi-larious) would say: If a web vendor is in the process of determining demand -- and therefore pricing -- for his products, it's in his interest to divulge the price list only to people who have contacted him directly. If he later decides to publish prices, he still has some level of plausible deniability.

But I say: I'm with you, prolific. I want complete product details and pricing without having to go back and forth in e-mail. There's a reason I buy stuff on the Web; if I want banter I'll use the phone or I'll take the tube into town.

Back to the topic: Mr Wight's artwork is wonderful. His designs have got me hooked on an animated series that may never happen.

And he's selling stuff! A nice framed colour portrait of animated Willow would spruce up the old cubicle. And I can think of a half-dozen fellow Buffistas with birthdays coming up in the next year. :-)

[ edited by Vamp_Insurance on 2003-02-07 09:30 ]
Thanks to everyone for checking out my site. The response has been amazing! I am so flattered at the volume of people that have requested a private commission. I'm sorry that I do not post the price list on my website, but there is a direct reason for this. I am an animator. That is my primary profession. The commissions were a chance to give back to the fans as well as promote my own work. But you have to understand that my professional contract rates are MUCH higher than what I charge fans for commissions. The average person does not have nor would they want to spend the amount that I get paid to produce artwork for projects like Buffy. But when you go and post those reduced prices, it makes my employers stand up and say, "why aren't we paying him this smaller amount?" So instead of cutting you guys a break, it begins to mess with my real job and that is not cool by any stretch of the imagination, because it will force me to no longer draw commissions.

The other reason why it is bad, is that it sends the wrong message to Joss. I set up drawing commissions for people to enjoy original artwork, my artwork, but I didn't intend it to just be Buffy art. It could be anything: a superhero, a pretty girl, etc. I realize everyone wants to see their favorite character, and I want to continue to accommodate that. But these are not my characters. I didn't create Buffy. I'm given some wiggle room to draw these characters for the sake of promotion of both the show and myself (much like comic artists draw convention sketches of a fan's favorite superhero), but going overboard like posting a price list on a well-trafficked Buffy site is abusing my privilege. Makes it seem like I'm setting up shop to capitalize on Joss' creations, and reduces what I do to that of a carnival sketch artist.

I hope you all understand that this does not mean that I don't want to draw commissions. But this is a more complicated business than creating a web shopping cart. This is not my day job. And I think anyone with even the slightest business sense understands supply and demand, and why I cannot just post a price list on my site.

Thanks for all of the excitement involving Buffy: Animated. I am as big a fan of the show as all of you, and am heartbroken that it is not being made. My best advice is to form a petition. Align forces with the other Buffy and Angel fan sites, and let Fox know how much you want to see this show get made. It's the only way they will wake up and realize what a mistake they are making. Based on the reaction and volume of emails I received, you guys are a powerful force. Use it to your advantage.

I'm sorry if my tone came off a bit strong above. It was a very stressful day. I hope you all understand where I am coming from.
The artwork is devine. awesome. spectacular. I adore it.
'Specially Buffy, Xander and Willow. =)
Big thanks to Mr Wight for the clarification; I was starting to wonder a bit about the copyright issues. I still really love the designs, and I sincerely hope that they get used in a Buffy comic if not on TV.

let Fox know how much you want to see this show get made.

Ah yes, Fox. "The network that cancelled Firefly." Forgive me if my hopes stay low.

But I'm not bitter. :-)
Hello Eric, thanks for posting here. I'm sure we all understand your position now, re: pricing, and hope the whole thing will be a pleasant and rewarding (in every way) experience for you!
Thank you for clarifying your position. Maybe we could run a campaign for the animated series to be picked up. Most of us here post on various Buffy/Angel boards, some one could set up a web page with a petition on it, have it linked at whedonesque and we could spread the word round the various boards.

As the animated series deserves to be seen.

Just a thought.
it's still on. Jeph Loeb (WB's Smallville/DC Comics' Detetive Comics) is writing and executive producing the series. It should come to light this fall or next on the Fox Box.

For constant updates on the series check out They do an update story on it every few weeks or so.

Or look up any of the cast of the Buffy show on IMDB. It lists their work on the animated show that says 2004, but I'm new to the whole LA thing so I'm not sure if they mean the 2004 tv season (which starts in the fall of 2003) or that it starts in the year of 2004. It'll br the fall. But everyone is recording their lines for it. So those that don't want to leave the buffy bus but want to movies and such its a great thing.


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