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September 12 2005

Serenity TV spots available online via Universal's Serenity site, under "Menu", "Video" - called "Passenger" and "Good guys" (Flash required). They showcase a lot of funny dialog, a bit of mystery mixed with a dollop of violence and a smidgen of CGI. Fellow Whedonesque posters report they have been airing with sports, MTV and last nights Fox season premieres (eg The Simpsons). With 3 weeks to go, this is some serious exposure -- arguably the most Joss' work has ever had.

under "Menu", "Movies" - called "Passenger" and "Good guys

Me no see that when click Menu button. Unless I am blind obviously.
It's towards the bottom left, Simon... I think you have to roll over it for it to appear (it's not obvious).

I've been running some overnight ratings numbers, and so far with the Simpsons alone it looks like it got between 7 to 9 million eyes.
Menu, then "Video" all the way on the right.
Its "Menu", "Video", but its there :) ETA -- yeah, what bix said :)

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I think the tv spot that aired during the simpsons is Passenger. I saw the Good Guys spot on MTV and Comedy Central.
I like the irony of Serenity trailers running in the baseball and Fox premiere slots..
All I see in the video section is Trailer One and Two and 'A Look Inside'.

Which means I hate

1) Flash
2) My internet browser
3) My broadband caching thingy
That'll be a proxy cache at your ISP by the sounds of it. NTL?

Try pressing Ctrl+F5 - it should redownload the Flash file.
Aren't these spots spoilery?

[ edited by Le Comité on 2005-09-12 19:57 ]
Nah didn't work. Ah well, sod this for a game of soldiers. I'm going to have my tea and then play around with some proxy servers. NTL = Hell.
Thought it might be NTL somehow. I'm trying to figure out what the .mov files are called, no luck yet.

The spoiler question comes up all the time. There's no major plot spoilers so I don't see there being a problem. Yeah, there's imagery from the movie, but that's what TV spots are about ;)

I gather the US press junket runs this coming weekend, which means much more Serenity stuff will be out there soon after. It's begun - Whedon goes mainstream (with a film about the lives of people trying to be anything but).
Flash isn't very shiny in Safari, the video and the audio are WAY out of sync in these trailers (whereas in plain Quicktime with no Flash overlay, they are fine). I'm gonna go see if I can 'borrow' a Windows machine for five minutes. GRrrrrr. Argh. Web developers who are have Windows tunnel vision drive me CRAZY.
Does anybody else have Mac problems? I think the designs might actually use Macs so I'm surprised if it doesn't work properly.
It works under Safari for me, although it's definitely a little chunky.
As I just posted, gossi, the video and audio are all un-synced in Safari. I haven't tried Firefox yet. However, I did just get a look at it on a co-worker's Windows machine (in Firefox) and the video and audio were synced perfectly.

What exactly is the nature of your Mac problems? Is it video/audio syncing like mine, or something else? What browser are you using? I just upgraded to the very latest Safari (2.0.1).
Flash isn't very shiny in Firefox, either. The video/audio is out of sync. (I'm on a Mac, albeit with a fantastic connection.) I do wish these TV spots were available in Quicktime or Windows Media, especially for download. I'm not a Flash fan, oh no.
Windows XP/IE user here, and I was able to view the ads. Cool.

Haven't seen them yet on the tube -- but, although I have NOT been watching Charmed (as someone confessed in another thread), I'm also clearly watching the wrong programs. So, thanks for the heads up.

I think that website is fascinating, BTW. Each time I go back, I find something I missed. Good job by the Universal folks.
Viewing them with the 'Fox here just fine, though not from Mac-land.
My 7-year old Mac feels it's age with these complicated flash-thingies. Skips most of the frames, but all the menus and functionality is there, so it doesn't feel broken. I really like the music on site, it conveys both the feeling of space adventure and western.
The irony of these previews showing during FOX shows is precious. Let's see if they show them during "The O.C." and "Reunion" on Thursday, m'kay?
You know, I've yet to see any Serenity tv spots. :(
Okay, I feel really dumb. Where is this "menu" button everyone is talking about. When I go on the site I only get a few options, to either explore Serenity or go to each person. I can't find a menu. Help me, please.........
One proxy server change thingy later, finally get to see them *the world rejoices*.

Though it would have been better if this guy was doing the voiceover.
spikeangellover, you're not dumb! Once the flash intro for the site is finished and you get to the main page, you'll see a little turning "Menu" sign at the leftmost end of the bar that contains options like "register," "buy tickets," etc. Just click on the "Menu" sign and you'll be guided from there. Good luck.
Yeah, I hate that ubiquitous voice-over guy, with his over-hyped tone. Other than that, though, I liked the spots. Haven't seen them on TV yet, but that's not surprising as I haven't watched any TV for a few days.
I watched them on a mac, via safari, and it was also quite clunky/unsynched, but otherwise worked fine.

ETA: just tried it on IE on my mac, and it was much worse than Safari. With both browsers, though, it's almost like it's giving me a sequence of still frames rather than actual video. I'll look forward to actually seeing the spots on TV, where I'm sure they look much better.

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How in the world is it possible that I've missed them? Aack. We missed the Simpsons last night, but watched Fox for the rest of the evening. Must be my bad luck. And as an MTV junkie (hey, there's nothing GOOD on TV, so we might as well watch the REALLY BAD stuff, right?) I've yet to see one.

Waaaah. Soon. Soon.
Hey, phleb, long time no talk. Thanks for the help but I must be just computer illiterate. I don't get any rolling signs. And I don't get any bar either with register or anything else. Maybe there's something wrong with my computer. All I get are the circles in the upper left to explore serenity (cockpit, etc); and then I get everone's picture and I can go into each one. But there's nothing else. I must be in the wrong place (but that's the place that comes up on the link). Any other suggestions. I've tried rolling everywhere in the screen and all I get are the serenity rooms and the folks. Love the music, though!

[ edited by spikeangellover on 2005-09-12 21:35 ]
Hiya back at you, spikeangellover. Hope to see you and your daughter on Sept. 30! That's odd that you see nothing below the pictures of our BDH. You don't see a horizontal metallicish bar thingie just beneath the picture of Serenity (which is just below the pix of our BDH)? Have you tried different browsers?

I can't wait to see these spots on TV. Unfortunately, I barely watch TV so I may be out of luck. Perhaps I'll tune in to the tube just to try to catch 'em.
Thanks, phleb; you're a genius. I had scrolled over the entire bottom, but that's where my start menu bar was; once I moved it I was able to scroll over some spikes at the bottom and menu came up. Thanks! Took my daughter back to Florida for school so she'll be on her own on Sep 30 but I'm going to join the meet-up group wherever they decide to go (I understand it's not sure whether the Uptown will be showing it or not).

I haven't seen any of the tv spots either; apparently I keep missing them, but as much tv as I watch I'm sure I'll see one sooner or later. See you soon!
Grrr, my iMac launches 'em fine, but then partway through the audio and video slip outta synch, the video starts skipping and eventually stalls right at the good parts. Funny... the score kicks back in when the trailer fails for good. I needs me an upgrade.

(Fortunately, the handsome and talented zeitgeist has agreed to pimp my mac-ride when he visits this weekend, and perhaps an OS upgrade will be just the thing.) *flatters and fusses over zeitgeist, hoping for the fix*
Hmm... gave it a go in Firefox, and it behaved a little better for me, but it still stutters a bit. Love the clips they chose, and getting really, really excited to see this all go so mainstream.

One irrelevent nitpick... does anyone else think the voiceover is kinda silly? It sort of sounds like SNL or the Onion doing a movie trailer, with the old school, deep, overdramatized announcer. Or like a commercial for When Animals Attack or Girls Gone Wild. Made me giggle. And I think these spots actually make the movie seem 'lighter' than it actually is, with so much of the quipping in the clips. That's probably a good strategy for enticing a broader audience, but damn. This is no "light" date movie in space.
No "light" date movie in space, but you'll still go with me to see it, right? On the on topic note, I didn't dig the voiceovers either, but I thought they were very fun clips if the aim is to get butts in seats as the saying goes. Damn. If only Smoove B or Herbert Kornfeld had done the vo...

ETA: the mind wanders...

Let me break it down for you, girl. I will take you to see the finest in filmed entertainment in a variety of genres and languages. First we will screen Serenity in English, and if you do not like it, I shall travel the globe to find another nationality of film that would bring you pleasure. I will feed you the finest popcorn from the most lush pocorn producing regions in the entire world. The butter on that popcorn will be made with only the finest cream, personally churned for you by hand chosen agents of the Smoove one. There will also be soft drinks. Damn.
-Smoove out

I know, I know, that wasn't a vo... if you don't know what I'm on about, go here and witness the Smoove-ness.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-09-12 23:12 ]
I love these trailers, but I'm glad I saw the movie first. The funny lines are way more funny when you see them in context. Necessary evil I suppose.

And played ok-ish on my XP/Firefox setup. The sound was a bit off but watchable. Plays better when it's finished loading. If you put the mouse at the base of teh screen the playback controls appear. Wind it back to the beginning and then it should play better.
I agree completely, Barest_S. Even though it's old-school, though, I still hear that voice-over voice constantly – deep and dramatic and incrediblly silly.
I always figure whoever does it - maybe there are a few people, but they have awfully similar voices - must be making a ton. But it's so hard to take it seriously. Oh well. I like the clips they chose, and hopefully the ad campaign will, indeed, get butts in seats.
Just saw one -- I think it was 'the good guys' during Stargate SG-1 syndication on Sci-fi!!
I saw one! I saw one! I was channel-surfing through Spike TV and there it was, during CSI.
Apparently there will be one during Medium tonight on NBC

[ edited by gossi on 2005-09-13 02:05 ]
ugh.... can't really run the flash site properly in my home windows 98 pc. I'll try it at work though.

But about the voice over. Please don't tell me he sound like the guy who did the voice over for UPN's Buffy promos. Those were appaling.
These are pretty well cut spots, and it's nice to see them everywhere, but does the Good Guys one remind anyone of a slightly less cheesy version of those awful fox Firefly promos? In both cases, they played up the action, the humor, and the Joss Whedon name. What specifically seemed similar to me though was "rebellious, etc....and these are the good guys!" compared with "there's a captain, a hooker, and a girl in a box. out there? oh it's out there!" I mean, I guess there are only so many ways to market something, and ovbiously jokes, babes, and action are gonna appeal to the teenage boys, but still, Firefly/Serenity is arguably Joss' darkest work. It's filled with anti-heroes and pain and death and disappointment and morality...and they seem to wanna market it as wacky sci-fi comedy.

On the other hand, nothing in the TV spots is anywhere near as bad as "oh, it's out there," which was like the worse advertising tagline ever.
Squeeee! Just saw the "Good Guys" spot during Medium. Thanks gossi for pointing me in the right direction (how do you know when it will show?).
One during Monday Night Football as well.
Yep, saw it during Medium. woo hoo! zeitgeist, when was it on? Hubby was downstairs watching football, but came upstairs to watch Daily Show with me. I'm sorry he missed it!
It's everywhere, just saw it during Futurama on Cartoon Network. This is great!
I watched Monday Night Football in a different time zone and saw no BDM advert. (Could be that I was distracted by my team's lazy, sloppy performance, however.) Either way: boo, hiss.
Boo, hiss, indeed. Don't remember if it was right before or right after the half.
I saw it during Monday Night football here (in chicago) soon after the half...
OK, I missed the ones last night (flipped during Prison Break commercials), but I saw one tonight! During Supernatural on WB.

Was one during House tonight.

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