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September 12 2005

Sessions notepad surfaces on blog. Get a look at what Dr. Joss was writing during the start of Session 416 in the "R. Tam" viral marketing clips. (Updated with responses to Whedonesque posters' comments).

There's no word on how official this is (does anybody know what Joss' handwriting looks like?) but I thought it was creepy and cool, just like the rest of the viral marketing.

Well, he's a leftie. Does this look like the handwriting of a left handed person?
And do we believe the story of how this was received or is it just part of the marketing?
Photo of joss writing. It has to be said, I don't think these match (look at the T's and G's for example).

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Nope, it doesn't look like Joss' script. Still cool, though. I wonder if this is a hoax or a plant?
*puts handwriting analysis glasses on*

But look at the horizontal lines leading from all O's, the long downslope of the 'y', the messy E's, even when on the dedication, where it's not written that fast...

EDIT: Might want to add the slightly tilted 'S', where the lower part tends to end at the middle of the S's width. ;) - and the 'V' in unresponsive, where the left slope is shorter than the right, and the right ends up going slightly downwards.

Plus, while I haven't exactly looked into how right handed people write T's, these look like my left-handed T's - with the horizontal line drawn from right to left.

Who knows. In any event, it's one obsessive fans who tries to, at least in part, copy Joss' handwriting (if it's even supposed to be his)

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So the question is, if we assume this is real (as opposed to a clever prop a fan has made up), is it a part of the marketing, or is it a souvenir from the shoot?
I don't buy it's real, for the simple fact I believe the River clips were shot recently (and never really as part of an official marketing idea, also, to confuse people -- although I could be being lead up a garden path on that front). But that blog says months ago. I don't think it was months ago at all they were shot.

But, the question does remain - why bother making it up?
I'm skeptical about this. The "R. Tam Sessions" are all done from one angle. All Joss has to do is scribble some stuff down to make it look like he's making notes.

There wasn't any reason during the shoot for him to write down specific observations about River. Unless it's marketing in which case Joss would have to have written it or told somebody else what to write in order to create the prop.

Or a fan made it up. My guess is a fan made it up.
It certainly does make for more buzz online, and I have to say that 'udderific' sounds Whedonesque to me, but I'm on the fence (and enjoying the view).
And now whedonesque is being referred to in the link! It's all circle like! Personally, I think the handwriting is very messy, but dont know if that would mean it is made up. Whichever, it's fun to speculate. Can anyone lift a fingerprint off that document? ;)
Also, the guy says Joss never acted in front of camera before. This is patently false.
Do the Dance of Joy!
At least he called us intense and not insane. That's a good thing, right?
If he was handed it so long ago - Why is the blood still wet? Are we to understand that he photographed it while it was still wet? Would it have even been wet by the time he got it?

It's also doubtful that Joss would be writing anything when he is trying to remember his lines, watch/direct his actress playing the role and pretend like he is writing all at the same time.
Joss was probably trying practice his algebra when he wrote it. "-x/500(y=)". Ummm... maybe he should keep practicing.
I was surprised they called us intense, 14 (so far) posts to a thread isn't very intense...not compaired to when Joss posts, or someone posts something about Spike/James Marsters, or other topics that actually get intense.
Vera: you want a finger print? Do you have Joss' fingerprints on file for comparison? How about a DNA identification?
So, you guys do realize this was probably planned as the next release, yes? Joss didn't necessarily have to be writing it while they were filming.
embers: Surely somewhere on the interweb exists Joss' fingerprints? ;) If you can get me DNA, I can do DNA fingerprinting. Stalking Joss for his DNA? That's a whole new level of crazy :)

P.S. Cloning? you might have to wait a few years...
As for the "wet blood" thing, it all depends on what kind of fake stuff they were using. Some stuff never really dries.
I notice there's more pics of the notepad. I've had an exclusive look at the back of the notepad ;).

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It does look like Joss's messier handwriting to me. I have some autographed stuff from when he was in a rush (PBP) and while it could just be a clever forgery, it's not something that wasn't at least carefully put together.

As for whether or not Joss had any reason to really write stuff down? Seems to me he's the kind of guy who would, if for no other reason than to amuse himself.
Maybe it's method acting?
I have a feeling a method actor would not use the word "udderiffic" on a prop supposed to keep them in character, but that could just be my inner drama nerd talking.
I noticed the words, "parental waiver" written on the pad; if this is indeed a real prop, is that a clue to the extent of parental involvement in River's "treatment"? I always wondered about Simon and River's parent's response to Simon's claims that River was being held against her will...they certainly downplayed any possibility and discouraged Simon's efforts at every turn. They were said to be "supportive" of the Alliance...I wonder how supportive? Did they actually know and consent to what was happening?
Shiny if genuine!
Someone asked Joss about this tonight at the Melbourne Q & A, and he said that he's never done anything like that, but that he finds it amusing.
Maybe he is denying it as a red herring!
No, it sounded genuine. He asked what was on it, and stuff like that. Didn't sound as if he was joking at all.
Man I just checked out my scrawled howdy from the Q&A with Joss, it's def the same handwriting!
Then what of his denial? Hmm.

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