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September 13 2005

Joss ok with filming Wonder Woman in Sydney but acknowledges the pressure to film in Los Angeles. "That is a political question in America right now because people are fleeing Hollywood".

The series didn't fail so much as it was axe murdered

Heh. Ne'er a truer word said. It's upsetting whenever people say "the failed series, Firefly", as if the concept didn't work.

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Elsewhere on 7's site on the Sunrise more info for this month page there is reference to "Joss Whedon's own website:".
Meh - forget bloody Sydney. Come to Perth - we have lots of stuff. So much stuff that I can't ... think ... of ... any ... right ... now ...

Oh crap, Sydney it is!
Ah cmon, Perth has: great weather, wide open spaces, friendly people and a nice big buffer between us and the crazies in the rest of the world ;)

It was also the location where great[1] movies such as Wind Rider (with Nicole Kidman[2]) were filmed, how could any potential director not consider Perth as a suitable location for any movie? Hmm then again...

- Z
[1] Ok maybe not that great, but it was fun
[2] In the buff, no less
I think it's a safe bet it will be filmed in Sydney. There's a reason film producers having been fleeing Hollywood. They can film much cheaper with fewer hassles elsewhere.
No no no... come to Canuck land! Vancouver all the way!
Even though I have never seen Joss once in the US, I will still miss him if he's there. I'm selfish, what can I say? You Aussies are just lucky this week!
Sorry Aurra. You have James Marsters there doing Smallville. I think that Toronto will make a great city to film in. It has stood in for American cities so often that even I get confused.
James will probably be gone before they start filming Wonder Woman, lioness, so I think they should definitely come to Vancouver - good weather, beautiful scenery, and lots of Browncoats. No tug of war this time, though, right?

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