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"I had to dismember that guy with a trowel."
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September 13 2005

(SPOILER) Interview with Joss in A nice little, but fairly standard, article about Serenity and the fans (possible minor spoilers).

Interesting to note that whilst there did not appear to be any press at the impromptu Sydney shindig on Sunday, obviously someone has gotten wind of it!!

I don't think that there are really any spoilers here, but you can never be too careful.

"...(on) TV you have a great deal of time to examine things and let them unfold - unless you're on Fox..."

Best line for ages - someone with clout finally says it without pussyfooting around!
Oh yea. We're old friends! Hung out with him AGAIN today Catalyst2! Did you see my on Sunrise?? I also had my vid camera and got a nice little time with him and a special message that he did for me for the CAST of Serenity. Which will be included in the DVD packages that Zuckerbaby and I are making for the BDH's to be given at the Premiere. It's a VERY funny message!

Besides the fact, that he encouraged my daughter to start smoking ;)
(See I told you I was gonna post about that Joss)
Of course he was only making with the funny!
LOVE that diss of Fox also. More people in the industry need to speak out against their crappy policies!
nixygirl - it's going to be "me and my mate Joss" soon isn't it? Missed Sunrise - damned work thingy got in the way again!

I did listen to Triple J for the interview on the way to work but never heard it - I listened from 7 to 8.10 (my comuting time) but no interview. Did I miss it or did it not happen?
Oh already is babe!!!!
Toy Story was "sexed-up"??!? Huh…
Ronald_SF - aand on a sibling site as well! lets hope noone's getting that call from on high.

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