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September 13 2005

Sneak peek for tonight's premiere of 'Bones'. Elsewhere on the TV Guide website, David Boreanaz says this about fans who might not like his new show "I think they'll continue to be my fans because they are such loyal fans and they've supported me and I love them to death". More interviews and coverage over at the SF Examiner and Chicago Sun Times.

Awww - David loves me! I knew he'd see the light eventually!!
Hee. Rather than bombard the front page with 'Bones' coverage, I've added a couple of more links to the subject line. The Chicago Sun Times one was enjoyable:

Boreanaz says he wants their characters' relationship to progress the way Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd's did on "Moonlighting." That would lead to lots of flirting, but with a payoff, which would be a slight departure from his last two shows.

"On 'Angel,' the banter really was with a bunch of demons," he says. "On 'Buffy,' it was with Sarah, but it was more an intense, brooding kind of relationship. There was a lot of torment and angst." In "Bones," however, "it's a run of gold with someone that's going to be a lot of fun."

I have a question: In the video how come that after the girl open her shirt, when she turn around herself (after a moment), it is already button up again? :)
I'm looking forward to checking out "Bones". It will be nice to see David on T.V. again and my husband is a sucker for the procedurals, so that should work out well. His movie "These Girls" sounds very umm... interesting. I have a hard time picturing him in a role like that, though I can't wait to see how he pulls it off.
I'd be curious to check out Bones and support DB, but it (and Gilmore Girls) is one of several conflicts I have this TV season Ė the others being How I met Your Mother vs. Kitchen Confidential, and Veronica Mars vs. Lost. Bad scheduling from my perspective, given that those 6 shows are the only TV I'm interested in watching this year. Sorry, David, but the Luke/Lorelai cliffhanger was just a bit too cliff-hanger-y Ė I'll watch GG tonight, and check here to see what the rest of you thought of Bones.
I'm looking forward to checking out "Bones". It will be nice to see David on T.V. again and my husband is a sucker for the procedurals, so that should work out well. His movie "These Girls" sounds very umm... interesting. I have a hard time picturing him in a role like that, though I can't wait to see how he pulls it off.

I've seen These Girls and I loved it. David (as well as the 3 female leads) pull it off brilliantly. The synopsis doesn't really do the film justice - it's by and large a comedy, but not farsical at all.

I hope it goes into wide distribution - the director at the screening I attended said they were hoping for March 2006.
That is probably one of the nicest comments from David I think I have ever read. Right, ok. Now when can the 'love them(or me) to death' thing start? hmmm....

I also love the references to 'Moonlighting' too, the only other non Whedon TV program that has been an obsession of mine (seems like 20 yrs ago) iirc though, that show had a bizarre ending and it certainly lost impact once the two main leads became involved.
Okay, I checked out the trailer, and wasn't see, DC-based shows always get geographical things wrong, but it was all of about 2 seconds before there was a true howler...the plane is landing at Dulles International Airport, which, according to what the trailer shows, has a really nice and close up view of the Capitol building...except that Dulles is almost 20 miles away from the Capitol...why do they have to do that?

That said, the show holds no interest for me. I hope, for David's sake, that it does well, but it just doesn't pique my interest at all.
Sorry, David, but the Luke/Lorelai cliffhanger was just a bit too cliff-hanger-y

Yeah, my loyalty lies with GG too. I've seen the pilot of Bones and it seemed pretty standard. Nothing that grabbed me and made me go, "Oh, I gotta see what happens next!"

I think the combo of being 'nothing special' and being on Fox will not be a good thing for it. I don't see it lasting too long. But hey, at least David can get on with his movie making if it tanks.

But for me, it's GG then House tonight.

ACP, maybe you can tape Bones or torrent it so you can decide for yourself!

And I see them trying to do the Moonlighting thing, but it's just not there. Moonlighting was pretty epic in that sense, and for me it's kind of the highest standard. Bones will have to do a lot better(than it did in the pilot) to ever reach that, in my mind.
Slightly off topic, but, oddly enough, Moonlighting had a geographical gaff that was infuriating to me--I used to live in Munich, and they had an epiosde based there, so I checked it one point a character pointed to a speeding car and shouted "They're leaving the city!"...and they were actually headind right back into it...oh, well.

Good luck to David.
"Doing an hour drama is like doing a sentence in [jail] in the middle of July with a bull in the cell with you ó it is hard and it is long hours."

Tee hee hee. Mr Picturesque Speech strikes again.

Decisions. Decisions. At the moment I am planning to watch Bones as it airs to get a feel for it without me zipping through commercials. If I donít check out House, then itís the taped episode of Gilmore Girls. Or GG after House. Those networks canít control me, no sir!
I love you too man, in a totaly not so gay way that is.
I'm taping DB and watching GG. Gotta see L&L realtime.
*hearts for eyes* Love you too, David. ;)

I noticed that has "Bones" coverage on their front page, wOOt! :)

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I'm doing the tape Bones/watch GG thing, too. We've only got the one VCR and my husband wants to check out DB in real time while I get my "Giggle-more" girls fix. I'll enjoy L&L on the small TV, but I seriously hope ABC considers moving Bones to another night. Otherwise, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are starting to look like a potential NASCAR mashup.
Well, since I live in RI and don't have the WB, I'm going to have to watch bones tonight and wait till Firday to see GG on Sat.
Saw "Bones" and thought David was great (love the five-o-clock-shadow, but clean-cut look on him). Although the show is named after the forensic anthropologist, David's character is more than at an equal footing with her. I thought the show was quite good, and although much like CSI, it looks like it might be more character driven, although the science is there, too. I just hope Fox gives it a chance; I would think it should get pretty good ratings before "House".

Agree, ChrisinVirginia, about the Dulles goof, but all shows/movies seem to do that. Did they actually shoot any of the show in D.C. or is most of it inserted backgrounds? Inquiring minds want to know. I'd love to know if David will be shooting scenes in D.C. somewhere.
I liked it - more the characters than the plot though. Thought the plot had some holes in it but David and the female lead were quite good together.
I thought the characters were dull and predictable, as was the story. DB does look good, and maybe in a couple episodes the show will find its footing, but I doubt I'll be there to see it.
i saw it and wasnt impressed... I hope it gets better though having such mildly high hopes for it being good
Well, the story line was a bit loose but I don't understand calling the characters "dull"...I thought there was obvious natural chemistry between David and the female lead. David's humor flowed naturally and made his character immensely likeable...the secondary characters blended well. I give it an "A"...tighten up the story line and it could be very good!
David is playing a tortured soul trying to make amends. Hmmm... Heard that one before me thinks. Did like the show, but that was probably because I wanted to see David in something...
I agree with you dcubed, I probably only watched to see David in it too. It was bittersweet for me to watch. Sweet: seeing David move on in his career. And Bitter: because he's not portraying the character I fell in love with over the years.
Ok, Chris in Virginia, you sound just like my husband when there's military uniforms involved...."They have the patches on the wrong side, that emblem is upside down, they don't salute that way...." :)
Other than Washington D.C. insert shots, I kept recognizing all sorts of usual L.A. filming locations. "Oh, that's Exposition Park, near USC... And that's the old 1920s-era wing of the L.A. Natural History museum... and now we're inside its rotunda -- hey, haven't BtVS and/or AtS filmed here once or twice? Oh, now we're in Westwood, with the Washington Monument superimposed in the background...

Actually, spotting the familiar buildings was more engaging than the actual plot, but really, that's not saying much. Hope future episodes are better in that regard.
I was very lukewarm about the episode. I thought everything about it was derivative and a little lackluster, and I saw more chemistry between the leads in the very last second, after all the dialogue was over, when the woman gave DB a little shove as they walked down the road (decidedly in a more "social" way than her character was supposed to exhibit), than in the episode as a whole.

There is nothing else in the timeslot that I watch, so I'll give it another chance or two, particularly since it airs just before House. I'm hoping for DB's sake it improves.
All my staff watched the show (that's a first for any show) and they all loved it! The only issues were minor ones regarding the cgi and the ending. These are not huge fans of the Whedonverse (I'm working on them) but every single person loved David's character! They also felt considerable chemistry between him and the female lead and enjoyed the secondary other words, they said exactly what I posted earlier regarding my impressions...good show!

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