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September 13 2005

(SPOILER) Transcript of Joss' Sydney Q&A. Warning! MASSIVE SPOILERS. Do NOT click this link if you don't want to be spoiled!

You've been warned!

Also my questions were the Alliance and Blue Sun connection, and the tamagotchi ones.

I recorded a little of this and will have it available online possibly soon. Also there are a few pics in this thread.

And my favorite quote of the night!

25. Joss was asked if he could take five people to a desert island who would they be.

Joss protested and asked whether they were allowed to be dead…(meaning who were once dead) but the questioner must have given him a look because he immediately protested that this “was not another negrophilia thing.”

His response was firstly Jane Austen, “she was my first”, on the proviso that she bathed first because “they didn’t do that back then.”
His second was Caligula because “someone has to be the master of ceremonies.”
(these are flying off the top of his immensely special brain.)
His third would be Emma Thompson and he made some illusion to being entirely intrigued by her. [obviously, Joss has seen Much Ado About Nothing…]
His fourth “would be myself” …leading up to the big finish…
His fifth, George Bush. “Because we’ll need something to eat.” (Uproarious cheering, clapping, whistling and general hootenannying.) “Cheap? Maybe… but heartfelt.”

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I am supposed to be sitting at my computer working and instead I am reading the wit of Joss first thing in the morning. Thank you so much ! Except for the part where I keep splorting out my coffee all over the keyboard as I read his answers!
Yep, totally bragging here...but I got to hang out with him again this morning!
That was very cool, thanks for the link nixygirl :)
I took yesterday off to watch the cricket (yay!) as well as thursday and friday for the same reason so I was really meant to be working hard today but I couldn't resist reading that. Sadly my internet is off at home at the moment as well so I have to read it in the office.

I um...have no words....
Yeah, I know, Rogue Slayer. Sheesh.
Ah, I think she wrote it in a rush! It's not a word for word transcript, but it's close.
Great Q and A! Thanks nixygirl! hee hee, eating GB...I like it.
Ah, I think she wrote it in a rush! It's not a word for word transcript, but it's close.

Oh, it's just a simple misspelling, but it's a funny one!
I simply cannot believe that someone who took the trouble to get a ticket for this would actually make a snoring noise while someone was asking a question!
Unfortunately there's always some stupid eejit who thinks it's funny to be like that. That sort of stuff makes me cringe.
Oh that person! I was absolutely mortified but Joss handled it perfectly. He looked up at the guy, basically told him to leave everyone cheered!

There's another tool in the audience now who's trying to make a ruckus and have formally asked Universal for 1% of all Serenity DVD sales because they do not have express permission to use his likeness in the DVD (as in pans of the crowd!!!)
People like that make me very cranky indeed!
This person who's threatening to sue, did not even speak or ask a question!
We were given a waiver and expressly told that our attendance meant we adhered to it. They may be using the footage for the Oz release of the DVD.

I hope they do, cause one of my questions got a big laugh and a funny reaction from Joss.
Wow. Two tools lucky enough to get tickets to see and hear Joss. Should tools be so lucky? They should both be ashamed of themselves! I'm glad Joss handled the malicious snorer so deftly. As for the other guy, I'd imagine it'd be easy enough for Universal to keep his face out of the DVD pans. Unbelievable stuff.

I hope you and your question (and Joss's reaction) get on the DVD, nixygirl. What fun that'd be, eh?
It most certainly would Phleb!
So Nixy, do you consider yourself Joss' best pal now? Can you brag about it to anyone else but us? Would they understand? If not, feel free to continue to bask in the glory here. We may hate you but we will understand.
Hey nixygirl, I know im prob COMPLETELY wrong but were you the person Joss sang happy birthday too? btw wot was your Question?

anyway, the night was amazing, i was blown away by the movie and Joss is god(bsides the fact hes an atheist)he is my master...
Lioness...hahahah your right about that one! Some people get it but only because I have raved and raved about him! And yep, lovin the hate round about now ;)

BD...No that wasn't me. I asked the Blue Sun/Alliance one and also the Disgruntled Tamagotchi's one.
AHH!!! ok, great question btw!

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