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September 13 2005

(SPOILER) Joss 'off to play the grand piano' Whedon talks to ABC local radio in Sydney. A twenty minute chat with Sarah MacDonald, handily provided by the broadcaster as an mp3 file.

Choice quote (in which Joss has learnt a new Aussie word): 'There is going to be a radical splinter group of dags...'.

Get the interview and find out how Sarah is overcome by Joss's stardom and who really is going to play Wonder Woman...

Can anyone do a transcript?
This is excellent. Wow. I could listen to this man talk and talk and talk..... and he does. Wow. What a chatty guy. I mean, I love all the interviews with Joss lately, but a lot of the print ones just lose ... something ... that listening to Joss talk about fills in. A lot of his humour is lost in print. It needs a real voice to completely convey his ideas. Man. I love it.
OMG - I feel totally vindicated by that interview. Joss also wants Morgan Freeman to be Wonder Woman! WOOHOO! I have been arguing the merits of that casting coup for months and everybody's all "You're weird!", "Stop mumbling", (OK that last one was from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) "But he doesn't have the right ..... ummmm ... presence"! Personally, I think people wanted to say "boobs", "breasts" or whatever but were trying to be too PC for that.

But noooooo, I am vindicated - right from Joss' mouth.

Of course he may also have been joking .....
Thanks for the link, Caroline. That was the best interview I've heard in a long time :)

I loved Joss' response whether he ever feared mixing it up with the fans. Also, several shout-outs to some of my favorite films with 'girl power'. And, of course, his hopes to continue the 'verse in some way.

Yes, catalyst2, the Morgan Freeman joke was good.....he was joking, right? ;)

zencat, this interview is over 22 minutes long. That would be a 50 page transcripe in Joss' case. Sure you can't download it?
I've tried downloading it twice. When it's finished my computer says "error download completed" or "error task completed", something like that. This seems like a contradiction in terms. So I guess it's my computer that's the proplem. The dialog box when I'm downloading it says it's going to a tempory folder, but when I check those--it's not there. Too bad--sounds like a great interview and I love hearing Joss talk rather than reading it.
batmarlowe, try right-clicking the link on the site, then 'save as' into your music folder. Once the download is complete, it should play (my plays on 'Realtime').
Thoroughly entertaining and interesting interview. I agree Genia - i could listen to him talk for ages. The interview reminded me a bit of Terry Gross's Fresh Air ones perhaps it was Sarah MacDonald's style, or just the fact that it was a bit longer and more in-depth than typical radio or TV spots, and that MacDonald seemed so informed about his work.
Anyhow, well worth downloading.
Very nice link. :)

My brain is *so* wired for all things Joss. I saw the link they included on the sidebar next to the interview ("Miles: tea cosy capital of the world") and immediately thought of Buffy's line, "I don't want any trouble. I just wanna be alone and quiet in a room with a chair and a fireplace and a tea cozy. I don't even know what a tea cozy is, but I want one."

Also, I keep opened up my e-mail program to find multiple e-mails from "BDM News eNotice." I got really excited until i saw that it was just spam for an "IT Sales Management Best Practices Seminar."
Thanks so much, madhatter--it worked! Like Jonathan, Andrew, and Warren you as a God!
"Thanks so much, madhatter--it worked! Like Jonathan, Andrew, and Warren you as a God!"
Well, we knew that about Madhatter some time ago!
Looking forward to listening to this on my way to work tommorrow.
Caroline, please add a spoiler tag. For the extremely spoiler-adverse, I think it has a few.

Definitely the best Joss interview I've heard in a long time, maybe ever from a non-DVD/TV source. Sarah is very poised, even charming, and yet doesn't distract from the great Jossularity. And she asks reasonable questions. I thought she'd never get to Serenity, though!

Thanks for a great link, Caroline.
Glad I could help. Now quit making me blush. This is Whedonesque and we all help our fellow members the best we can to our abilities.
AWWWWWWWWW. Excellent interview. I think people should produce a few hour-long interviews with Joss, like Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth. (Am I really comparing Joss to Campbell?)

It would be entertaining, and very educational at the same time. I never get tired of listening to Joss dissect his own writing and characters.
non sequitur, yes you were, now please clarify that Campbell isn't fit to grovel at Joss' table. Never mind the special extra ending of Serenity wherein Joss walks out and pimpslaps Lucas ;) Oh, sorry, thats wishful thinking on my part :)
BTW, Lioness, take it you saw a 'Serenity' finally. What'd you think?
I loved his take on a movie exec if you ever want to cast an actress who isn't stick insect thin, "I don't understand! Is the actress behind that girl?"
Madhatter, I loved it. Have seen it twice now. Don't like all of Joss' plot choices but understood why he did them. Would like to have seen more of everyone but knew I couldn't in a 2 hour movie.
Felt that there were a couple of shots that fit a TV screen more than a big screen but didn't mind.
I understand that the release date for Japan hasn't been announced yet?
So many things to like about this interview.
But this, I absolutely loved - "the buffyverse is one that I haven't let go of and I am trying to set something up. There are a lot of extraordinary characters...that i think we may get a chance to see again."
Sweet, holy, Moses. Music to my ears.
Time to grow out the hair and get a nice big bottle of peroxide, Mr. Marsters.
Of course, I am going under the possibly faulty presumption that Joss trying = Joss gettin' it done.
"the possibly faulty presumption that Joss trying = Joss gettin' it done"

He alluded to this last night at the Melbourne Q+A - words to the effect that what it needs now is a network willing to fund it - someone with money to say yes.
superb interview! and right b4 the Q&A!
And we get the transcript to the Q & A when???????

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