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September 14 2005

Serenity number 1 on Box Office Prophets 25 of Fall 2005. Box Office Prophets rates Serenity number one on it's list of the "25 most anticipated films debuting after Labor Day through October."

Serenity is on the third page of the article

1. Serenity

Joss Whedon has done the impossible, and that makes him mighty. The oft-lauded writer/director has somehow managed to pull a largely unwatched science fiction/western series off the 14-episode scrap heap and evolve it into a major motion picture. And to say that the BOP staff is excited by this proposition would be the understatement of 2005. A bubbling undertone of revolution exists within our ranks as true Firefly believers have spent the body of the summer converting their Serenity-free brethren. Offers have been made within the site to reimburse members who purchase the TV series boxset and find themselves nonplussed. The group has that sort of confidence that more discriminating viewers will fall in love with the Whedon creation by the time they know the lyrics to Jaynestown. Some of us have even spent an absurd amount of money and driven several hours to enjoy preview screenings of Serenity. Those that have claim that it's the rare film that witnesses an auteur reward his (over)zealous fanbase for their patience and fervor. BOP wishes to pass that generosity on to our loyal readers by politely but firmly suggesting that you pick up Firefly on DVD then go watch Serenity when it enters theaters later this month. You can thank us for it later.

Link found on Firefly forum, I looked in the recent archives and didn't notice it here yet. Be gentle, it's my first posting.

I hosted a ďGet to know FireflyĒ party tonight with several friends who were not familiar with Firefly (sad, I know). After watching five episodes selected to introduce and seduce, all are fans of the show, all want to see the entire series, and all plan to see the movie. Itís just impossible NOT to love Firefly and lust for more. I canít wait for September 30!
That's a great write up. Not sure about The Fog and Doom being ranked that high but Serenity as number 1 is just sweet.
Showgirl, which five episodes? I'm curious, because I know some episodes are better ant seducing and introducing than others.
Chickenbird -
Selecting six (only six so that it could be done in one evening) episodes was very hard - I wanted so much to show all of them! I tried to choose episodes that would leave my audience - none of whom had seen any of Firefly - with a relationship with the characters and an understanding of the basic plot points, which would produce a burning desire to see the movie. And it did!

Serenity parts 1 & 2 - to introduce characters, setup the basic conflicts.

Our Mrs. Reynolds - to confirm the sexual tension between Mal and Inara and Ďcuz itís just too funny!

Out of Gas - for the backstory on the crew and the loyalty/friendship bond between Mal and Zoe.

Ariel - to highlight Riverís uniqueness, Simonís dedication, Jayneís ďcharacterĒ or lack there of, and Malís incredible moral center.

Objects in Space - because itís just so perfect.
Thanks, showgirl. Great choices indeed.

As to the linked site itself, I'm impressed with the dedication to Firefly "conversion" among the diehards at Box Office Prophets. Let's hope this is happening in numerous organizations with the power to write influential movie reviews.
Yes, very fine choices. Glad you were able to show so many!

"Out of Gas" is my favorite as an episode, but my favorite scene is in "Ariel".

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