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September 14 2005

(SPOILER) Joss talks Serenity and beyond. Great interview over at However, really an interview you should read if you're very spoiled for the movie or if you've seen it already.

Good thing you removed the bit about "minor casting spoilers" =) Reading just slightly between the lines, not really minor spoilers - major. But yeah, good non-standard interview fare.
Yeah I noticed that. I think I'll post the news about the Spike movie in another link and rewrite the subject line.
woah that bit about you know what... definitely made me happy... awesomeness!
Wow, great interview, but definitely spoilery.
Yes, AFF, I have to wonder that too. Must say. since the Australian press have got him, they are asking all sorts of good wide ranging questions.
I think that interview was more spoilery than the writer (and certainly Joss) may have intended. I'd say more but I'm too lazy to inviso-text.
AnotherFireflyfan, a sequel can have flashbacks or can be a prequel, yes? Either of those would solve it nicely.
Serenity 2: Attack of the Clones?

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