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September 14 2005

The latest from Joss on the Buffyverse. He drops a hint that there could be more than just the Spike TV movie. "I'm talking in reference to that... and possibly more". Though there's no backing, no contract and no schedule. However "I've been talking to some of the actors, writers, and some executives and are trying to put something together - - but it's not happening fast."

Taken from the Moviehole interview below but that link does contain major spoilers for Serenity. So this news can be discussed without people getting spoiled for the movie.

Another relevant quote from the MovieHole interview:

"“I miss some things about them ["Buffy" and "Angel"], but I don’t miss the grind”, he says. “With Buffy, I really felt like seven seasons were it – we were all feeling the wear and tear, and it wasn’t like the actors weren’t bringing it, it was just the time.

"Angel", he says, didn’t deserve to be axed when it did. Though going on five seasons, Whedon feels it still had some more oil in the engine – and could’ve gone for a while longer. Still, it’s another series that might have another life, hints Whedon.

“I mostly miss all the people [there], but if things go the way I hope they do – I might not miss them as much”, he says, raising an all-telling eyebrow."

ohhh this is promising

at least he's talked to executives as well

and I'm ok with it taking time, these things don't happen fast

as long as he doesn't miss James' time window!
I was wondering which actors he had talked to and whether or not he's considering a new Buffyverse series.

I'm going to go on a limb here and wildly predict that the Spike TV movie will lead directly to a new series which is an offshoot of Angel and not Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
I hope you are wrong Simon, because I would love to see WIllow again...
I'd love to see Willow and Xander again but Alyson and Nick have new shows so it would be extremely difficult to get them for any new Buffyverse series. It's all pure unfounded speculation on my part (see straw, must clutch) but it's fun to talk about what could happen.
Willow and Xander...meh. Although Xander kinda got stiffed in the last couple of seasons, both have had enough on screen time. I think spin-offs tend to work better with unexplored characters, or ones that could believably start over such as Spike.
It'd be cool to see Willow again, but I do believe that there's plenty of potential in several of the Angel characters for spinoffs.

Of course, a Spike series is what I want the most, and if you teamed him up with Illyria and/or Faith, that would be one hell of a show.

Always good to hear that things are happening (however slowly) and that Joss still isn't done with the Buffyverse, just think, in a few years he could have just as many things on the go as he used to, a new Buffyverse show, Wonder Woman and Serenity 2.
Please please make it happen. I would love to see Spike, Illyria and/or Faith on TV again. And Simon I love your pure unfounded speculation!
Well let's say there's a Spike movie set after NFA. A stand alone feature in its own right. But certain events happen in it that set up the major plot arc for a new series. God knows who would be in it or what it would be about though.
Let's not forget that while Joss's guiding hand is definitely required, there are other talented individuals involved in the Buffiverse. It's not like he'd have to do it all himself these days. A few safe hands at the rudders of various Buffcentric projects would give him time for his movie/comic projects maybe
*Personally*, I don't think it's angling new series. However, there are several actors there who would be available, and some gloriously unexplored characters. The WB know they could get a good few million Buffy/Angel fans tune in for a few 'TV movie' events - say 4.
But does he have the time to write and direct it? His time is becoming the most precious commodity of all -- and if not him, then who? There are a lot of really good people he could call on, and as long as he is very involved with the writing, I'll be OK.

... in the same-ish vein, I browsed through the latest EW at the library and read the Serenity article, "Serenity How". And the last line, a facetious quote from Tim Minear, really grabbed me, as I'll paraphrase: "Joss better not f--- it up, I want to direct the sequel."

This is a solidly interesting thought -- a script for Serenity 2 co-written by Whedon and Minear, directed by Minear? It would give the world more Minear, would give the fans a sequel that'll probably get here in 2 years (2007) and I personally would like to see more of Minear's vision.
Is it safe to be cautiously optimistic here???? Oh this could be wonderfull if Joss truly is interested in continuing the Verse. I too, see the Spike movie setting up a storyline and then pulling in characters from Angel primarily, but hey other characters from Buffy would be a perfect fit as well. Maybe it starts off with Spike and Illyria. I can honestly see them as roving demon hunters...Angels Avengers. Along the way they make new friends, run into old ones, and of course come up against old could work!!!!!

Plenty of opportunity to fold in lots of Buffy and AngelVerse characters....right? Wish Joss was more specific about who to target as a backer though. A series on HBO might be edgier and more appealing to a wider range of veiwers.....but maybe he has other ideas.
Spike + Illyria + Oz = dream team ;)
I'm definitely cautiously optimistic - though I always have been. With all the talk of Ripper and the animated series whilst the other shows were still on the air and the tv movies since I've always hoped it was a question of when rather than if we'd get something new in the Buffyverse. To be perfectly honest I'd be happy with any of the above and anything else Joss can come up with. That's not to say that I'm not happy with all the Jossy goodness that we've already have. If we never get anything new the Buffyverse will remain my all time favourite fictional universe but for that reason alone I want need more.
I'm pretty sure The WB would be network of choice here (as they want to do it).
I'd LOVE a Spike movie! I could also see Joss coming up with something that sets Illyria up for her own series, since Amy isn't a regular cast member on another show at the moment and he has a thing for strong female characters. We know Joss has talked to James, Amy, and Tim Minear. I suppose Janollari is game to do it, given all the prodding from fans with the help of Ausiello and others.
A Spike movie to set up a series? Interesting.

Plus don't forget that the Smallville head honcho guy has been quoted lately as saying that JM is highly regarded by the WB. Maybe this could lead to his getting his own series on the WB. Okay personally I'd prefer it on HBO. ;0) He would have others around and Illyria seems the most obvious.

But pleeeeeease God no Willow or Faith, if it happens I want it to be about Spike and co not the Scoobies. I loved Willow, but after her continual violations of her girlfriend and then also her friends, killing two men whatever the reasons, trying to kill Xander and Dawn and destroy the world, and then getting a free pass after a holiday in England and a demon eating a bit of her skin? No thanks. No remorse there and I don't want to see her again.

I'd still like the odd visit from Xander though. He's the only Scoobie, despite being sidelined by JW, who actually showed some real genuine growth in S7.

Yay, Spike Movie!
Joss, please! Make it ASAP!
Spike movie would be a great "bridge" between old shows and possible new show because Spike has a backstory with practically every character on both BtVS and AtS. So Spike movie has a possibility to reintroduce any other character seamlessly. Spike is fan favorite - he can anchor a new Buffyverse show effortlessly.
Pretty please.
This sounds VERY good, a Spike movie and related projects would be awsome. I really hope this will happen. Since there seems to be plenty of ideas for Giles, Faith and Illyria too, one could speculate that those ideas could be incorporated as well.
Could we have some ghost Wes or resurrected Wes?? Heck anything really. I am just delighted that Joss still wants to do more Buffyverse - even if we have to wait a while.
I would think the most obvious characters would be Spike and Illyria, not sure what Juliet Landau is doing but would love to see Dru return as well. I strongly disagree concerning the previous characterization of Willow, she remains one of my favorite characters and yes, I like Kennedy. Andrew would always be great, especially after seeing his evolution in Italy. Wesley...of course! And I love Mercedes McNab, Harm was a much underrated character in my opinion. I don't think Faith would be a good fit with Spike but I'd love a series with her and Robin Wood, maybe add Giles. Now I'm drifting...too many great characters, too little time!
As long as we don't have to wait too long. If James still thinks he only has a few years left to do Spike I hope Joss will make this happen sooner. Personally I think James looks fantastic and can be Spike as long as he likes...the fans will not care...or they could do that pesky shanshu thing. But I hope whatever happens the Spike movie is more than a bridge between the Verse and a new show. I truly would love for Spike to have his own series and work in new characters to keep the Verse going as long as Joss feels there are stories to tell......
I'm thrilled that Joss is not done with the Buffyverse. As for which characters I'd like too see, I'll take anything with anyone. I trust in Joss.
Anything Buffy related is good. My favorite movie spinoff would be centred around Xander/Faith or Spike/Xander.
I say Illyria, Faith, Gunn, Andrew (if he survived) and possibly some new folks. Much as I love William and much as I love Wes, I think I would rather see them go quietly. They've had tremendous arcs and tacking something on now would only diminish that in my eyes. Much as I enjoyed Spike in Angel S5, I would've preferred that he died a hero. Regardless, I am up for whatever Joss & co. mix up in the big bowl of 'verse-y goodness.

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After seeing Joss respond to a similar question last night at the Melbourne Q&A, you can really see that he wants this to happen, and his use of wording really suggested it only depended on the network executives (and he said something about ownership, maybe the Kazui issue?). Which is really a relief, because with all the comments from JM over the last year or so, I was very doubtful of Joss' interest. And although I would personally prefer a more BtVS-oriented show, I think it'll be Angel. He had season 7 to wrap Buffy up, Angel as we all know was a sudden death, and we all know death can't keep our heroes out forever (usually)!

Something I've been thinking about today, I wonder what is really holding this back? Obviously he's doing promotions, x-men and has possibly started writing WW, but this guy can handle a bigger load than that as we've seen before, and he wouldn't need too many newbies, the actors and writers (and probably crew?) all know how it works. If the only major thing stopping this is the financial green-light, I wonder if he could finance this (telemovie/pilot) himself (or get independant funding), then sell it, and even if no US networks buy it, it's likely that international stations (UK, Germany, etc) would, and the DVD sales wouldn't hurt either. Is this a totally ridiculous thought or could it be possible?
I think that the things on Joss' plate right now take up more time and effort than the shows did where he had showrunners to help out. Plus, just because you've been through the near impossibillity of running three shows at once, it doesn't mean you want to go back there. I don't think that Joss could personally finance an effort of this magnitude and would require indie or network production financing.
Well, this is nice news to see first thing in the morning! Hopefully we'll see more of Wesley. (Plleeeaase Joss, resurrect him- pllleeease.) I would love to see more of Illyria's/Fred's story. You can't beat the combo of Spike and Illyria, so I hope Amy will be on board. And I'd like to know what happened to our poor disenchanted Lorne during/after NFA. Oh yeah- and post-apocalyptic LA. I really want to see post-apocalyptic LA.
I definitely think Joss is not done with the Buffyverse. We will see it again, whether through comics, TV shows, feature films, mini-movies or books.
"...both have had enough on screen time. I think spin-offs tend to work better with unexplored characters".

Agree with that.
I want 'Ripper': Giles "watching" Illyria, with the help of Faith (not room for Spike, sorry. I think he's extremely done since 'Chosen').
Give us Fred/Illyria!
*raising eyebrows*

Oh, Joss, you big fat teaser, you. Whatever it is, bring it on! I'm starved for any Angel-verse action, but Illryia along with a certain dead/ resurrected vampire and/or dead/resurrected ex-Watcher would be the best thing evah!
I just need my Andrew.
if he does continue w/ spike i would like to know if he is going to let us know what happened during the fight at the end of angel, is he going to leave it open for angel to make appearances or did he die. for me he needs to make a full movie for the angel fans that felt robbed by the network making him end it so fast. alot of loose ends to tie up before spike comes back.
I would love to see a spike tvmovie or series, hopefully post-NFA, with as sidekick ilyria.
They could be like free-roaming demonhunters.
I don't know what he's talking about but I admit, I love the idea of SERIES with the movie used like a pilot. Anything Spike would be INCREDIBLE for me. With possibilities of Illyria, Drusilla....Guest stars from the Verse (yes please) I'm so there.

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