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September 14 2005

(SPOILER) A Joss-penned episode of Veronica Mars is not to be. Joss responds to Mike Ausiello's plea to write an episode of the show.

Link contains spoilers for other shows.

Well, I would say that too surprising. I mean, if nothing else I think Joss really don't wanna get spoiled. If he were to write an episode he would have to know the cornerstones of the seasonal arc and he's probably too much of a fan to wanna do that. Sure, I would have like a Joss penned episode but I do agree with him, they really are doing fine without him.
My thoughts on why he wasn't ever going to write it.

1) He needs a long long rest after promoting Serenity
2) A Wonder Woman script must be written, polished and perfected
3) Somehow a Spike movie must be pushed and prodded along the way
4) Serenity 2 plans
5) And finally and most importantly. It's not his show. Fair enough him writing for other's people creations in the comic book world but he's done his stint for writing for other people's shows i.e. Roseanne. I can't see him ever going back to that despite being a huge fan of Veronice Mars.
I'm with you, Simon...only on the other side of the ocean.
Aye, I think this is one instance where Joss is a 'fan boy' (I hate labels) - it sounds like he enjoys watching the show, the 'oh my god that is SO COOL' factor. Which is normally what I do.
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Yeah, not a surprise and although a Joss penned ep would clearly be awesome, not that much of a disapointment. As Joss says, the're doing ok without him :)

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I do think that Joss probably prefers his own projects to other people's. He had to put up with that for some time but since Buffy he has been able to be in complete control and present his own vision.

However I do think that he could certainly write the odd episode of television in the future, that isn't one of his own shows, if he felt the material was what he wanted to work with.

Imagine, for example, that Veronica Mars is still around in three or four years time, perhaps Joss will be finished with Wonder Woman and a Serenity sequel or a Buffyverse movie (assuming all of these go ahead), and he could possibly write an episode. I think that would actually be good for him, to try something different and more manageable between larger projects.

To me it doesn't sound like a definite no, and he probably doesn't want to imply that they need his help. That's not the case at all, it would just be that Joss and VM could be a great team even for one episode. I am certainly waiting eagerly to see it.
Le sigh. But yeah, I understand. It's not his show so a)he probably doesn't want to step on anyone's toes, and b)he is a fanboy at heart. And that's why I love him (well, beyond the fact that he's absurdly smart and talented, that is).
Don't forget buff and goodlooking, Samantha!
Don't forget generous and willing to quaff ale with his fans!
And then there was that one time, at band campů
I've been a lurker for a long time, and this is my first post:) I just have to say as a huge joss fan and veronica mars fan, I really really wanted him to write an episode! I know it's probably an unrealistic wish, but seeing his writing combine with a veronica mars episode would have been enough to make something implode;)
Don't forget buff and goodlooking, Samantha!

Well duh.

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