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September 14 2005

Audio of Down Under Joss Q&A... Five audio clips that our girl, nixy referenced in an earlier thread. Of particular note is "clip3," for Joss' thoughts on the return of Firefly. (Kindly converted to mp3s & hosted by our own techno punk-monk, zeitgeist.)

Thanks for posting these. Just out of curiosity, how come there's no clip #2?
Nixy sent me #6 twice, waiting to hear about #2 myself :)
Very Cool. Thanks guys.
So barest-smidgen, you actually call zeigeist techno punk-monk?
Well, she did in the post :) Punk-monk is actually a term we use in Stuart Davis fandom to refer to street team/promotions people. I'm part of the group that handles website stuff for him. See also and
Yeah, thanks for the cool snippets, nix. Is that you giggling closest to the recording device? : )

So barest-smidgen, you actually call zeigeist techno punk-monk?

Nah, I'm just sucking up, Numfar. My iMac's a mess and he's tentatively agreed to pimp my Mac-ride when he comes to visit this weekend. Thought the above might suggest both reverence and subservience on my part, while demonstrating an awareness of, and therefore an interest in, his other interests/fandom. Went too far, huh? ; )

Alt. reply: I call him by many names. None of which are appropriate for sharing in a public forum. ; D
Yes unfortunately that is me! I'm a maniacle giggler.
Damn I just realised number 6 is everyone singing! Hmmmmm maybe I shouldn't have sent that one? Let alone twice!!! ;)
Am sending clip 2 was it? Now.

OK that loud voice singing that forgets the words!
Not me *cough* random stranger that was sitting next to me hey!

[ edited by nixygirl on 2005-09-15 01:25 ]
No spoilers here?
Nope, no spoilers.

ETA: wasn't put-off by the giggling at all, nix. It just sounds like super-fun, spontaneous joy. Lucky you. : )

[ edited by barest_smidgen on 2005-09-15 01:54 ]
Nixy, that's awesome! I didn't know you had these. That's me at the begining of clip 6 :) I don't know what I thought I was doing!
Aw, nix, those are brilliant!! That was an amazingly cool night, it's great to hear some of it again.

(Hey mimbles, welcome to whedonesque!)
joss sounds tired. those australians are vampires.
Schlong, welcome to our site. Please capitalise your sentences and if you hadn't done it yet, please read our site guidelines before posting.
Clip2 has been uploaded now :) Enjoy!
Mimbles! Welcome baby!
If you are super-spoiler-phobic... this new "clip2" talks a bit about some minor details of the movie...

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