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July 14 2002

Rupert bare.

"It's a club for people with similar interests."

Personally I'm partial to where one doesn't have to admit a preference for clothing. There's also a whole neato lot more info on him there, not only about Buffy but also ASH's other projects like Manchild. His album Music For Elevators is a must experience. Oh, and did you know ASH has recorded covers of Rocky Horror Picture tunes? His version of Sweet Transvetite is simply to die for. Unfortunately I have no online links. I dug up a copy of the mp3 in a Gnutella clone somewhere. There's also a rough recording of a live performance of One Night In Bangkok from the musical Chess. You just have to know where to look.

I prefer his naked voice, but then I am hopelessly heterosexual. It's a weakness I know but I shall endeavor to prevail.'s great. Also, is good for up to date ASH news.

I prefer him in clothing. Acting the ground from underneath everybody else. (Actually, not true... he seems to be able to draw the best performances out of his co-stars. Which is another reason why he was so sorely missed in Season 6.)
After seeing the movie Driving Miss Daisy I found myself impressed with the acting integrity of Dan Ackroyd. Then I looked back on his career and realized that Ackroyd was always best not when he stole the spotlight, but when he supported the performances of others. Movies in which Ackroyd was the primary focus did not do well. Doctor Detroit for example was a pathetic attempt. Ackroyd couldn't carry the entire movie on his own and the surrounding talent wasn't very useful. However, Ackroyd is best as part of a talented ensemble. Like one instrument in a symphony, he blends well with others and creates both realism and symmetry in fictitiously exaggeratted situations. Ghostbusters excels not just by special effects or funny dialogue or the stunning talents of others, but by how Ackroyd carries others who share the screen. He jumps between straight man and fall guy at the drop of a hat, depending on what that particular scene or even that particular bit of dialogue requires. His mere presence turns any work into an ensemble, because of his excellence as a team player.

In his own way, Anthony Stewart Head does the same for the Buffy ensemble. His mere appearance in the season finale, with the exhalation of six simple words, suddenly lifted a dead weight that had dragged the latter half of the sixth season. It was like suddenly breaking the surface of the water after unknown moments of lungs screaming for air. It proves the worth of ASH with the ensemble, if not the need of Giles' character to remain a permanent fixture in Buffy's life.

In the episode "Once More With Feeling" whenever the group sang together, ASH seemed to naturally take harmony. Whether he was directed to do so, or opted to do so as a competent and experienced musician, it both visually and audibly characterized Giles very presence in the whole of six seasons of the series. Buffy is the melody which all other players follow. Giles is her harmonic complement, that gives depth and direction to the song in her soul.

I am not consciously or purposefully a "Shipper" for the tv series by any stretch of the imagination, but if by season seven's end Buffy and Giles found one another in each other's arms, I for one would not find that amiss. Some would perhaps compare that to the marriage of Celine Dion, but so be it. They fit like hand & glove. It would come out of left field, and yet make perfect sense. If that ever happens, just remember I was the first to speculate it. =)

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