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September 14 2005

Joss Whedon to guest star on Veronica Mars? I just received a 'Letter to Fans' email from Rob Thomas' website, and in it Rob says, " heard it here first - Joss has agreed to guest star on the show. We're firming up plans to have him play a testy, rental car manager in episode six." Also, Rob's finally going to watch Buffy season two!

Here is the entire section he wrote about Joss:

Did you see what Joss Whedon posted on about Veronica Mars?

I did. Several people sent me the link. His extraordinarily generous comments really made my week. I sent him a thank you e-mail, and he sent me back a note that said that, in watching Veronica Mars, heís come to understand, better, the fervor of Buffy fans.

The things he complimented about our show -- the plotting, the dialogue, the relationships, the acting Ė are all elements Iíve admired in Buffy. Jossí comments actually meant so much to me that I e-mailed my parents the link though Iím quite sure they donít know who he is.

Iíve also put Season 2 of Buffy in my Netflix queue. I think I never let myself get fully-hooked by Buffy for the same reason that I feel a lot of people donít watch Veronica. By the time the enthusiastic word-of-mouth reached me, I felt like Iíd already missed the bus. I was afraid of being so far behind in the mythology that I couldnít follow the ongoing storylines, though I would occasionally see episodes and admire the snappiness, the pacing, the angst.

For those of you who didnít see Jossí post, hereís the link:

And then Ė you heard it here first Ė Joss has agreed to guest star on the show. Weíre firming up plans to have him play a testy, rental car manager in episode six.

That may be enough for me to peek at the show, but let's get Joss to confirm this first. At least we'll finally see him as an actor.
I gotta tell ya, I LOVE Veronica Mars and Joss guest starring would pretty much be the icing on the cake for me. It would be as if "The Man" himself has officially put his seal of approval on it. And a rental car agent no less. A testy one! I LOVE it!
Oh man! That is very kool!!!
Bwahaha! Love it! Finally, something new for people to taunt him with at conventions. He'll hear "do the car rental manager" instead of "do the dance of joy". I hope it pans out.
Wow, this would be so totally cool--although I'm still skeptical,with Joss's current busy-busy schedule promoting Serenity all over the place. But if true, I might just die of happiness, what with my two favorite worlds colliding again! ;-) I actually was one of the many to e-mail the whedonesque link to Rob on his web site. It's great reading his reaction. And Joss writing that he now better understands the Buffy fandom... *swoon* Now I picture Joss in line at a VM Convention for a Kristen Bell autograph and photo op! ;-)

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Well, he did a bit on Angel...

Man, all this buzz around really seems like I *should* be watching it, but what I've seen of it just didn't grab me. I think someone else mentioned that there aren't any 'men' to fall for like with Buffy and Angel. I'm not a big fan of the 'WB' type young guys, and that seems to be what's going on with VM. Or at least of what I saw.

Having said all that, I'm sure I'll regret not getting on the bandwagon someday. Maybe it'll be like Buffy, I'll catch up in about 6 years.
...I'm the happiest boy in the world.
From evil Alliance interrogator in the Serenity viral marketing to testy rental car manager. Hmmmm.

This is such fun news, whatever his role.

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Just wait until Rob Thomas watches BtVS season 2. Although you'd think that with his finances, he'd be able to afford buying the set rather than renting it through netflix. If he thinks he admired BtVS out.

I'm not convinced by VM's greatness but I'll most definitely tune in to see Joss play a testy rental car manager. That sounds excellent! Now if only we could see (or just hear?) Joss in Emma Caulfield's "Bandwagon." I'm dying for that to come out.
I agree..once Thomas sees season two, he'll head to to order the Chosen collection of all seven years.
Woohoo! Still wish Joss played Badger, but the actor who plays him is great (of course!!)
I put VM on my Netflix list last week. I am going to Tivo the first few epps until I can catch up. I am looking forward to seeing Joss. I sure hope this works out.
I posted Rob Thomas' very long email in its entirety in the VM forum over at the little w. In it he answers the questions fans send him - lots of good insight into the show there. Don't read unless you want to be spoiled for season one.
Omigod, when I read this headline a spontaneous "OMIGOD!!" shot out of my mouth, because this is bizarrely awesome. Maybe this'll finally launch his much-delayed acting career.

How cool is it that Joss compares Buffy fervor to his own feelings about this show? I really have to start watching.

It's strange about how Thomas admits he kept himself from really watching Buffy because joining the bandwagon after everybody else has is an awkward thing. I'm going to have to tape the first couple of episodes of the new season on VM in order to watch the DVDs in their entirety. And it's gonna be even more awkward if I watch the show and don't like it -- which isn't a slamdunk. I tried to watch and enjoy two shows with huge fanbases, Farscape and the new Battlestar, but neither show really stuck. The first just didn't grab me and the second is a frustrating experience for me: I admire so many things about the show, and think it a technically brilliant, but it falls short for me at the level of portraying much understanding of basic humanity. This is entirely my opinion, of course.

I really hope I enjoy Mars but will definitely tune in to watch Joss play angry rental agent guy.
This is Joss' way to convert his loyal fans to VM watchers, right?
I can really identify with Rob's statement about 'missing the bus and being behind in the mythology'. It is the primary reason why I am only a recent Buffy convert. I was hooked on 'Veronica Mars' first, and a new co-worker told me that if I liked 'Veronica,' then I had to see 'Buffy'. I finally gave in to years of resistance...and here I am. ;) I watched all seven seasons in quick succession and am now finishing up the first season of 'Angel'. Rogue Slayer, give 'Veronica Mars' another chance. The first season will be out on DVD soon, and it will all make sense to you, I promise.
VM is on UPN not the WB. And no guys to watch!?!? First off I watch it because it's excellent, just excellent. But then there's Logan. At first I hated him, then with the clever writing the character's layers peeled away and he's wonderful. Such a rich, multi-layered character played by a very talent actor. He's not conventionally good looking, but I don't usually go for that type anyway. His character attracted me first. Then he got good looking. :0)
Sweet deal!

This makes my week.
Ha! This is too funny!! I love this idea - maybe Joss can be a salesman who sells a car to Charisma's character!! I like Veronica Mars, not as much as a Whedonverse show, but it's second half of last season was really finding it's stride. I'm looking forward to seeing what this season has to offer.
Heh. I think he's joking. But you never know.

And man, he told me he'd put Buffy in his Netflix queue over a month ago. I thought he would have at least started watching it by now. Maybe he is, and just isn't saying anything. Maybe he's waiting to finish it all so he can send a big fanboy squee to the mailing list.
Between Silent Bob and this... this show owns.
You know what will be fun. VM's new season starts at September 28th.
Hopefully "Serenity" promo will be shown during the commercial break, everything will be even sweeter. Just 2 days before the US opening date.

Now if that rental car manager would happen to cross paths with a certain Casablancas, that's would be very shiny.
OMG! OMG! OMG...this is the coolest news I've heard all day! My favorite person in the world is going to be in my current favorite show (next to B, A, and F of course). Could this evening get any better? I'm waiting for James Marsters to appear at my door with a bucket of cash telling me all about his new TV movie. Oh, and he's shirtless. Oh, and David is next to him with chocolates, and my husband is taking the child for a walk.
I had just finished watching the last ep of VM, S1 (for the 6th time?) and found this news. AWESOME!!!! Sixth episode? I love that I don't even have to go out of my way to see him in it!

Actually, I think Joss is doing it to procrastinate on writing the Wonder Woman movie... Writers...

But then there's Logan.

Logan is the "Spike" character in VM. He's by no means Spike, but he's that "bad boy gone good" character who has so many layers of pathos - the jilted boyfriend, the abused/battered child, the orphan, the tough-on-the-outside-but-very-vulnerable lovesick teen. He's not conventionally handsome, but he's extremely sexy --- which I probably shouldn't be saying about someone who is so much younger than I am! But he is!

I'm waiting for James Marsters to appear at my door with a bucket of cash telling me all about his new TV movie. Oh, and he's shirtless. Oh, and David is next to him with chocolates, and my husband is taking the child for a walk.

I want your fantasy life!

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...and that fantasy was pretty tame. Wait till you hear the one about the feather boa...oh wait, that was Oz's.
Wow... wowie wow wow wow. I was all upset this morning when Mike Ausiello at TVGuide told us Joss replied with a "I think they're doing just fine without me" to our question of if he'd write an episode, but this is just as good! First Kevin Smith and now Joss? I'm glad I downloaded the 1st season and watched them all within a week. The only downside is that now I'll have to wait for each new episode like everyone else. :(
Does this mean Rob Thomas will have to play, oh I don't know--a disillusioned video store clerk in the Spike movie?
Incidentally, I'm a longtime lurker, and this is my first ever post here. I feel all warm and fuzzy.
The Big Important Question is has Thomas seen Firefly?
What?? why is everyone talking about kevin smith?? when was kevin smith on Vm?? how did i miss that? or.. is this an upcoming episode?
ANYWAY- i made my first post this morning to complain that joss wasn't gonna write an ep of Veronica Mars, so I'm very psyched that he's gonna be on the show!! its just (almost) as good!
Kevin is guesting on the 2nd episode of season 2, as... of all things, a convienence store clerk. Classic, no?
Kevin Smith will be in an episode of VM this season. I think he's playing a convenience store clerk. Go figure.
Jinx. Buy me a coke, no, wait. Buy me season one on DVD. :D
Joss as a testy used car salesman on VM? Hot damn, that's some primo casting. With his evil cherub looks and slinky wit, I think I see Employee of the Month in his future :)
Rogue Slayer--LOGAN. Period. *fantasizes*
in watching Veronica Mars, heís come to understand, better, the fervor of Buffy fans.

Ha ha. That made me laugh. Being a fan or being in the middle of a project makes such a world of difference.
Wonderful, wonderful stuff. VM is my next-favourite show after Buffy and Firefly (I'll add Angel to that list after I've watched it, I'm sure). Joss plus VM? Extremely shiny. I'm even more excited about S2 of VM now, and I was pretty much salivating before that. Yay! More Jossness = More goodness.
Please let him be in a scene with Charisma!!
They surely can't let that opportunity pass them by!
Woohoo, got this email myself and as one of the (apparently many) people who emailed Rob about Joss posting here I definitely got a happy from his response :)
Rogue Slayer, I was only moderately into VM when i started watching it, and i missed a lot of episodes early on. It was one of those "I'll catch it if i happen to be home" kinda shows, and while there were aspects I enjoyed, I also thought it was a bit TOO teenage angst for me. But somewhere in the second half of the season, I got really hooked. I felt like it got darker, more complex, and less focused on the occasionally-lame mysteries-of-the-week. By the last few episodes, i made sure i watched, and was blown away. Fabulous writing, fabulous characters, and, as Joss noted, not afraid of the pain...
So when the DVDs come out, it might be worth renting or borrowing them to give it another chance....
Very cool about Joss being on it :-)
To me, this is just as good as Joss writing an episode.

When I read the "new Buffy" comments (I think it was Matt Roush at TV Guide - whose opinion I have a lot of respect for) I thought, Matt wouldn't throw those words around after just any old show. So I watched it and understood what he was saying. He was referring to the quality of writing, acting, etc.

I can't wait!
Samantha - Logan does it for me as well. In Whdeonverse, I am a Bangel all the way, but in VMverse, I am a serious Spuffy (since Logan is WAYYYY more Spike than Angel). The first time Logan and Veronica kissed, I actually got goosebumps. Yowza!
Oh man. OH MAN. The only reason I haven't keeled over, slapping my palm against the table, and laughing hysterically from this news is because I'm at work, I'm adjacent to three of my bosses' offices, and they might frown on that kind of thing.

Totally. Freaking. Awesome.

Joss--do the dance of price gouging!
Massive weeping going on. If this is true I won't be able to see it till next summer when it will be shown up in Canada. I do have a friend promise to tape it for me but things will go wrong. I just know they will!
No Lioness, it's alright. VM is going to be shown on CTV this season. We Canadian's don't have to wait until next summer!

"The last 2 Veronica Mars Season 1 episodes will air Sunday September 25 at 5pm ET and Sunday October 2 at 5pm ET."

That's straight from the CTV website. So it should start the Thursday after that, which is the 6th.
If Rob Thomas' Netflix queue is even half as long as mine, he might not be seeing Season 2 discs for a good long while (unless he uses that "Move to the top of my queue" option.) I've had the Profit DVDs on the top of my list for a month, but there's still a "Very Long Wait" for them. Blast.

Oh, and Joss? I can't wait to see how they write up your performance on Television Without Pity (the website solely responsible for my season one Veronica Mars knowledge.) Couch Baron had better be watching his p's and q's on episode 6, that's all I'm saying.
I made my dad watch the first season finale last night on UPN, so he didn't have to wait a whole year to find out who killed Lily Kane. He actually liked it quite a bit. He was glad to see the killer get his/hers at the end though. My dad never saw it before because he allways spends Tuesday night at his girlfriends place. Now that it's on Wednesday he'll get a chance to watch the show with me for once. Can't wait to get the box set when it comes out so he can catch up. And when episode 6 airs, I wont tell him about Joss until he's actually on screen. I can't wait to see the look on his face.
Thanks Danica but it doesn't actually say that it will show season 2.
I'm watching now the first season (episode 3 only), and I donīt want to read anything (I almost read that spoiler above in the comments :s), so I will only say:

Very good news. That will be fun!
Joss for the next Emmy Noms! :p
ATV has the idea! If Joss can't win for writing, directing, etc. he can win an Emmy for his outstanding guest appearance!

Where do I vote?

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