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September 14 2005

Store at official Serenity website now stocked. After all these months, the store finally has items to spend your hard-earned points on. (Reg. required)

Things available include limited edition lithographs of the comic covers signed by the actors, one-sheets signed by Joss, tickets to the premiere, tee shirts, chopsticks, and more.

And no, they still won't take cash.

Still can't afford much of anything, though that would be helped if they'd give out the points that are owed!

There is some really cool stuff in there I'd love to get my hands on. Ah well.
And the site has to go down immediatly following, it was inevitable.
Will this stuff ever be available for sale?
At least they have the t-shirts with the logo on them. If they ever credit any of the points they owe me, and I put in for a couple more challenges, I might be able to get one...though not in time for the first weekend...or the second. Sigh.
ahh, what is everyone getting?
I only have ~10000 pts... i dont know what to spend on... heheh the premiere tickets or various lower priced items :)
Right now I've got enough points for either the T-Shirt or poster, but I have a feeling the poster should be available for sale elsewhere eventually, and I don't want to waste my points on something I will be able to buy. So I'm not sure what to use my points on but it seems like everything there is in limited supply, so I should decide quick. And hopefully they can restock some of the items if they sell out.
Hmm...I only have 775 credits. I never really bothered to do any of the challenges, especially not the ones where we had to work in the confines of Joss' 'Verse to create something. Despite all the other amounts of fan fiction or ideas I've had in the past, I've never felt worthy enough to write any about Buffy, Angel, or Firefly. wanna use their points to get me one of those very fine Browncoat shirts? I swear I'll pay you...

*puppy dog eyes*


*Bette Davis eyes*

Whichever makes you want to help out a Browncoat in need.
I just spent all of my credits on the Serenity patch - it was a tossup between that and the chopsticks!
Dying to get a better look at the sticks.
Just spent 5000 of my 'Versal board points and got me a Shiny new Serenity t-Shirt! :)
I just spent all of my credits on the Serenity patch

Hmm...well, while I may be missing out on those (once again) very fine Browncoat shirts, I did interestingly manage to buy a Serenity patch some months back at a comic book convention. This was long before the trailer or the unveiling of the official logo...still it looks all official-ish, so I'm wondering: Did Fox/Universal actually issue out some Serenity patches at any point, or did I just get a homemade deal?

I also managed to get my mitts on Buffy and Angel patches from the same dealer. Only thing missing was the Ghostbusters patch! ...Which, apparently, has been doing huge business for the seller. Hopefully that means Sony's going to get off their lazy asses and do something for a 25th anniversary in 2009 besides releasing neatly repackaged editions of the SAME DVDS...ah, one of my few off-Joss rants. Sorry 'bout that.
how are those tickets for the premiere... are they balcony? :)
darn it. Only ships to the US and Canada.
Well, at least I know I still don't have enough point to spend on anything.
I have some 4445 points but I'm awaiting another 600. Since I could probably buy the poster at a store, I'm eying a tee-shirt. Of course the medium might be too big because I have a wicked petite upper-body and shoulder issue. I still like the browncoat one better than the serenity one though. Btw, I think it's possible to buy a browncoat shirt on cafepress (a white shirt however).
Gosh darnit. I only have 1000 points... I'm really going to have to start doing some of the challenges. I need a tshirt. Yes, need.
I was torn between the one-sheet and the brown logo t-shirt. I went with the t-shirt (there were only a few mediums left in stock, so I acted quickly). And like a few others have said, the poster's probably more likely to be sold elsewhere. Plus I don't really love the poster, I do love the shirt.

Oh, and my rank dropped from 171 to 3290... I'm thinking after I finally get some more of the points headed my way, I might order the chopsticks too. And then watch my rank drop all the way to the bottom.

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Chopsticks and cards. Already have a fan-made patch, no interest in the travel mug or messenger bag, and while I grabbed a Browncoats shirt as soon as I was able to I don't wear t-shirts enough to justify the medallion one. And, as said, posters will be available.

But an autographed poster. Hmm...
I'm one of those that didn't earn points because I thought it was a waste of time, and now I'm jealous of those who did.

So let me get this straight, there is no official Serenity merchandise that can be PURCHASED yet? Because that Browncoat shirt would be so cool to wear to the premiere of Serenity on the 30th. Or just to wear around and get people asking about what my shirt means--always a good way to initiate Firefly fan recruitment.
The only thing I wanted was a t-shirt and I don't have enough points for that.

Oooh. I got enough points for the trading card set.

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i went from 10060 to 60 points... down the ranks... 45xxx something
I am so torn. I want a signed lithograph, but I am only a couple of thousand points away from getting the Joss-signed one sheet, which is what I really want. I am owed a couple of thousand points, but they are given so infrequently that I am afraid if I don't act now, I lose both the lithograph and any chance to get the one sheet. Who'd have thought getting cool freebies would be so maddening?
Okkay, et al I just saw the poster tonight (05/09/14) in Toronto for $20CDN. So it's around somewhere.

In general I don't know how they expect (and you've read this before, I'm sure) us Browncoats to spread the love when you can't afford (points wise) to buy the necessary tools (t-shirts, etc). I'm ranked 675 out of 52,000. Huh? And I can barely afford anything.

So, yeah, I got cash money!

Goes away grousing . . .
I find it weird that they offer nothing for cash. I mean, how much money would they make off of us? I would buy Serenity band-aids and Firefly Brand kitty litter given the chance. Heck, we could pay for the sequel in full with the money we would throw at them for merchandise...
I agree with you Diz. It would be nice to trade cash for goods. I only joined at the beginning of the summer... Opportunities for point earning are limited.

And GimpyD... Did I read you correctly? The board IS leaving. Is this confirmed?
I only had just over 2000 points - so I got the chopsticks, they looked cute.
Kyakira, I think GimpyD meant that she wasn't able to load up the site. Not the board leaving.
Uah... I want a poster! But I'm nowhere near the required amount of points. *sigh*
I'm guessing it's a reference to the board suddenly becoming very sluggish immediately after the store was stocked. And quantities are going down...
Ah, the heck with it. I had to get an autographed poster, I'd hate myself if I missed the chance. Sigh. It's only points.
I think it's a damn shame that despite having a lot of active international posters on that site, they only ship to US and Canada. I think Universal could afford to ship aboard. *mutter grumble mutter*.
You'd think they'd provide the same service to the international sites. The UK and Australian ones have some excellent support, they should get as many promo items as UIP can send.
I had 4500 points. Would've had 5100 if they'd credit me the 600 owed for my pic of me and Adam Baldwin at the Canadian Comic/Sci-fi Expo. Maybe I should e-mail them about that.

I'm not a big fan of that poster and I already have a mini-version of it that the Canadian Browncoats were giving out at the convention, so need to save up more for that. I figure I'll be able to buy that T-shirt somewhere. I bet there's even a Cafe Press store somewhere that some fan has set up to sell them independant of Universal.

The lithographs might be worth owning. If they're larger than the comic books, then definitely a few of them I'd like to get to hang on my wall. Otherwise you could just get those hanging plastic containers for the comics. I wish they weren't signed though, so their point cost wouldn't be so high. I don't really care about signatures. I'll get one out of politeness during a convention, plus it gives you some face time with the actor/writer you're intersted in, but a squiggly line on a piece of art just ends up obscuring the art a lot of the time.

No point in wasting any points on the CD sampler since I'm sure I'll be buying the soundtrack, and way before they'd ship that sampler to me.

The entire basic 72-piece trading card set is a steal at 3000 points. I bought that. Only four of them left at the online store. I'll just need to buy a binder for them (maybe the official Serenity binder if I can find it for a reasonable price).

Only 1500 points left. Gonna try and do more challenges to at least get 2000 so I can buy the window cling (dunno if I'll ever use it, but the pic of the ship is nice) or 3000 so I can get another set of cards for a friend.

Otherwise, yeah, it's a cool idea, but there really isn't that much unique merchandise worth worrying about getting on there. I'm sure a lot of it will be available elsewhere eventually.
Shirts look nice...hope they go for sale to the public.
The smallest t-shirt size seems to be 'medium'. They must think that all browncoats are portly lads and lasses...
It's too bad you can't tranfer points over to someone else. I've got a couple hundred extra points that I know I probably won't ever use.
If you read the FAQs, they sort of explain why you can't buy things outright - somehing about limited amounts of promo products.
Heh, I spent 85,000 points, and I'm still number 2. But not by quite so large a margin :)
Heh, I spent 85,000 points, and I'm still number 2. But not by quite so large a margin :)
JeremyN | September 15, 16:59 CET

What did ya get Jeremy? You going to be walking into the premiere shiny tickets in hand? :)

I'm eyeing up that River litho. Middleton is my absolute FAVORITE artist. Cassiday is a not too distant second but the Mals are all sold out so I don't even get the chance to be torn.
Simon: Seconded, I want the shiny shiny chopsticks!

(Also? First post, hi everyone!)
"You'd think they'd provide the same service to the international sites. The UK and Australian ones have some excellent support, they should get as many promo items as UIP can send."

Well, clearly I don't know how to quote here. Anyway, just to say UIP have provided about 50 seats to the Serenity London Premiere in October to my site (, and 5 copies of the Visual Companion book. I don't know how they're going to be distributed yet - I never ran a points system for the site, so it'll probably be a competition or some such.
Ok, confused by this: "Official two-sided theatrical one-sheet."

What's a TWO-SIDED one-sheet? What's on the other side?
theonetruebix -- All official movie posters are two-sided. The image on the back is basically just a mirror of the image on the front.

I wish these items were for sale. I have cash, but no points. :(
Sure would be nice to get credits from the crew challenge...

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