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September 14 2005

Nick Brendon updated his Audioblog again! And check out the adorable Kitchen Confidential icons and postcards Tara created to help fans spread the word about the September 19 series premiere.

Wow, I didn't even know that Nick had an audioblog. Shame on me...

Anyway, I can't wait for Kitchen Confidential, and I'm kind of saddened by the almost total lack of Nick in FOX's commercials.

But, anyway, about the Nickmeister himself, he sounds like such a great, friendly, lovable guy. When he was saying his goodbyes, I actually felt inclined to wave to the screen. Don't think anyone else's audioblogs have ever made me want to do that.

Here's to hoping KC's a success!
his previous blogs lay claim to being slightly funnier.
His day to day life as a working (and tired) actor are ingratiatingly explored. kudos
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He is so funny! What a great guy. I think I will watch KC instead of Mother.
Nick is such a cutie :) I'll watch KC and tape Mother. I think Nick deserves a hit!! So does Bradley Cooper.
I've seen the preview a couple times and it definitely makes me giggle. I'll probably tape Mother and watch KC.
Hey, Plecky is one of ours, I believe! Congrats! Looking forward to Monday.

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