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September 15 2005

FOX announces the contents on the bonus disc of the Chosen Collection. This is the BtVS DVD (R1) complete series collection (Seasons 1-7) in a 40 disc set. It is now available for pre-order at for $129.99. To be released Now 15, 2005.

i think that the new extras or extra or whatever sound very interesting, though i need to see the disc art!
the discs can't be the same as the other ones as then they wouldn't flow with the whole box set and i really want to see them, only 2 months!!
That is an amazing price. I may have to buy it, considering my 3 year old brother whose been obsessed with it his entire life has managed to scratch 2 discs of the series. And I CAN'T have a marathon and skip a few episodes. :(
Ah damn NOW i'm ticked. Guess I will be selling off my DVDs. Theres this one store at the mall that will hopefully take the dvds off of my chest for about $100.(hopefully)
Huh. Amazon just lowered their price $10. *goes to cancel old order and reorder*
KernelIM, thanks for that post! I just did the same. Also gotta thank Chris in Virginia (again) for posting the idea about getting loaner sets whenever possible...
First post(yay!). Nice to meet everyone. This sounds like a great oppertunity to give my older sets to my local library for the Whedonverse Multimedia Project! Maybe others can do the same and be able to turn on some new fans.
Ehhhh... yeah, I don't like this. I mean, bonus DVD? I want that. I guess I have to conduct a big DVD sale on eBay come christmas.
Does anyone think SMG will actually be on any of the bonus features!?
I have to say that although I have all seven seasons and have watched them MANY times, I will be purchasing this box to be the crazy Joss completist that I am.
spawnsatsix, I believe that SMG appeared in the OMWF special feature.
I wouldn't mind knowing if the re-issued R2 equivalent will include this bonus DVD.
Simon - is showing the re-issued R2 version as only having 39 discs, so it doesn't look like the bonus DVD is going to be included. :(
SMG seems to never do any interviews or go to any Buffy cons. Bit sad as she is the main star. I really want this, but i doubt if i tried to sell my Buffy DVDs atm they woulnt sell(as evry1 else is prob doin the same)
Will it have all the commentries too?

If so, I covet.
Can't they like...release the bonus disk by itself as well for those who have spent hundreds on building up their proud collection?? *looks hopeful*
By the way...first post...hope to meet some great people on here...which i'm sure i will!
$129.99 ... I almost want to cry when I think about all the money I spent on the 7 season on dvd (purchased in the UK and then shipped to Iceland with all the extra cost that entails.) *sigh* But there were some good times...

One bonus disc? It'll take more than that to make me discard my old collection.
Hmm... I've only got Season's 1-5... maybe I should pick this up

But if they released a complete Angel boxset with an extra disk... then I'd really be thinking hard... ohhhh my
The new extras sound distinctly underwhelming to me.
I'm *almost* ashamed to admit that to this day I haven't purchased ANY of the Buffy dvds (ducks rotten eggs and moldy fruit thrown from the Buffyverse gallery). I guess that my procrastination has paid off! The box set is incredible and priced to move! Can't wait!
My husband and I got into the Buffyverse rather late. We started with Firefly do to the instance that we watch it over at Watch Farscape. That quickly snowballed into all things Whedon. We are really looking forward to getting this boxset. We pre-ordered it at amazon and are looking forward to a huge marathon. This is my first post too, even though I've been reading along for a while. Looking forward to being part of a great group!
Ack. Decisions. On one hand, I'd be paying $130 for something that I already own. On the other hand...the corners of my boxed sets are a little worn out, so...I need to buy this, right?!

Guess it's not much of a decision.
Hmmm... if I sell the DVD collections I have, it might make it close. But I *like* the way Seasons 1-7 look together on my shelf. There's something... nifty... about the boxes all lined up.

Comes out in November, huh? I wonder which family member I can convince that I need this for those pesky winter holidays!

Oh, and first post. (Anyone wanna buy me a Chosen DVD set as a prize?)
I have all the seasons on DVD and I'd love to see that bonus disc. That's a great deal, but....

Now, if they put outtakes, bloopers and extra cut scenes from the series, there would be no question. ;)
I really feel strongly about the fact that it's the loyal fans who are being made to suffer with stuff like this being released. We bought the original sets when they were released, for far higher prices, and it's those sales which have, in a way, convinced them to release this complete set in the first place.

If you already own all 7 seasons, you should be able to buy the extra disk seperately. Or, you should get an extra discount on this set (which I realise is already going for a great price... but still).
Impossible, the "suffering" of the loyal fans has been discussed on Whedonesque before...I have no problem with having gotten the discs right away, because by having them, my wife and I could watch them for all these many months...there's tons of value to us in that. And I've pre-ordered 2 of these $129 sets, so that I will always have a pristine set for our use, and multiple sets for loaners (as part of our ongoing Buffyvangelism.)
Chris: I'm not saying that I would want to go back in time and not buy the sets when I did. My main point is that the new extras should be made available for those who already have all 7 seasons and don't particularly want to spend $130 on having a second set. I realise that it's the same with all DVDs where the film is released and then two months later a special edition comes out. But I find that annoying also. I know it's the way the world of entertainment works. I've already spent around 400 = around $650 US on my Buffy DVDs buying them as and when they were released in R2. I want to see these new extras. But I probably never will.

[ edited by Impossible on 2005-09-15 17:35 ]
Chris in Virginia, you'll have a bunch of loaner sets by the time this new one comes out. Do you have a checkout desk in order to keep track :-)
dcubed: I would go and check the featurette, but I've already sold of my seasons.

A word to the wise, those of you who are going to sell your seasons: do so soon before the market is flooded with used Buffy bringing the value of the sets down meaning less monies for you! No one likes less monies.
Does anybody else get the impression that Fox in on the verge of selling the whole franchise and trying to milk it dry?
I've thought ever since they brought that somewhat pointless Very Best of BtVs DVD in the UK. Then there was the Best of Angel, Faith, Willow, Spike, Cordelia, Giles, Dawn and Xander ones. And don't forget about the Best of Cordy, Gunn, Fred and Wesley DVDs from AtS.

Next year we'll no doubt get the Ultimate Buffyverse DVD boxset with the two shows on DVD.
I hope they don't do a Star Wars and rerelease the boxsets every few years with slightly different extras, or Joss decides to tamper with them. ;)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I really hate whenever people buy the DVDs as soon as they come out and end up missing out on nice packages like this, with extra bonus features. Sure, you could still buy it but not all of us could afford to. If I wasn't against the idea in principle, and I had plenty of money, I would definitely like to have a complete series boxset, but as I don't I'll make do with my seperate season boxsets. I suppose it's the quality of the episodes that really matters.

Does anyone know if there were many differences between the Region 1 and 2 DVDs? I know they had different packaging (the R1 had nicer pictures but the R2 'Watcher's Bible' was very fitting) but what about in terms of content? I know that the R1 season four had a commentary with Seth Green's participation which the R2 version lacks, but is there anything else?
I want this version in R2, with the bonus disc.
R1 should do this things first, and R2 copy them later.

Anyway, I'm sure I must wait for the BR or HD-DVD version.
Impossible - I totally agree with you. It's not like the BTVS dvds came out recently, these have been coming out for years, so for this new box set to come out, and have this extra special features disk, and be extremely cheap, is really annoying. I won't buy it. I was contemplating it since it is really cheap and of course the features, but like someone else said, I love having all seven seasons on dvd seperately, each different colors, different characters on the covers, I think it looks much better than the one, which is white and has Angel (?????) on it... Same thing if they come out with an Angel full collection set. My set was complete the day season 5 came out and again I just love the different covers. There's no way I could see these dvds, BTVS or ATS. Hopefully some people will sell their special features dvd on ebay or something...
I'm in a similar situation as Jillybug, although I did buy three seasons of Buffy and had rented or borrowed the rest recently. I might try to take the high road like moreverse and donate the sets I have to the library. I don't have a DVD burner, but maybe some people who do could make copies of the extra disc for those of you who won't be buying the set.
I kinda like the extras in the Bonus Disk. Well, I'll get myself a copy of this complete set.
I want it real bad! I am a little attached to all 7 of my Buffy sets. Especially season 6 which has Emma's autograph. It would make since for me to try and sell them on ebay, but I just can't. I'll miss all the beautiful photo art. I don't like the look of the new set, but what a deal! And I really want to see all the extras. geez, what is a poor gal to do??
I have all the seasons in R2, but this is how I've reasoned buying this set to myself:
- From what I've seen, the R1 is (at least in the early seasons) way better image quality-wise
- I want seasons 4-7 in their intended aspect ratio
- New extras plus R1 has one commentary and couple of other extras that R2 doesn't have
- It's really, really cheap

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