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September 15 2005

All tickets now on sale for UK Serenity fan screenings on Sept 20th. Bluewater, Leeds and Nottingham have sold out already. Others might have. Belfast tickets are finally online (hey how about that), fans in Plymouth advised to phone the box office. So as Nathan Fillion would say "Bring a friend. Bring two friends. Bring people to the movies. Lots of them."

Owing to a 404 error on the Plymouth Vue site, fans should really phone that box office number.

arghhh - Bluewater has all sold-out :-(
How come this has teken so long to surface? The UK Browncoats members forum have been talking about these screenings for days now... I should have signed up earlier I guess.
News about the screenings was posted here last week, but only a minority of screenings had tickets on sale.
I got tickets to Southampton, so a mucho gracias to Simon for the heads up :)
Having posted and read several zillion links about Serenity, the umpteem fan screenings etc, it still hasn't hit me that I'm going to see it on the 20th.
Simon - it'll hit when the Universal logo appears (well, it did for me anyway).
If it emotionally hits me the same way Amelie did, then Joss is onto a winner. That was the last feel good, warm buzzing sensation, must discuss the plot type movie I saw at the cinema. Compare that to Star Wars 3 which was "what the hell was all that about?".
Simon, you are completely spoiled right? It will be interesting to hear your comments on the movie.
Spoiled for the very big spoilers, not so much the rest.
I will hopefully be ordering tickets for Belfast tonight. I'm so excited, I really can't believe it is finally here. Also, the Odyssey is a particularly large and comfortable cinema so it should certainly be the optimum experience.
It's a great experience, I only found out I was going to see it 2 hours before, and didn't believe it until the Universal logo was rolling around, about a hundred times better than the feeling I got as the Fox logo was fanfaring on the opening day of Episode I, only Serenity wasn't a dissapointment. I knew one spoiler and it didn't ruin my enjoyment at all.

Just wish I had a driving license so I could get to Milton Keynes next Tuesday, I think I'll be just as excited to see it again by the time October comes around as I was to see it the first time.

Glad these are starting to sell out, are the UK screenings working the same way as I read that the US ones were, in that all of these ticket sales count as opening weekend sales?

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I hope so Ghost Spike.

I cant really describe the feeling that I'm going to see Serenity. Its more disbelief, like Tuesday will never come. Even though its less than a month away for the general release in Britain, it seems like decades away. Don't know why, just does.

Like the rest of you, it wont hit me until the Universal logo appears on the screen. And then it really will hit me, and i'll quite possibly be knocked off my seat. But until then the waiting continues...
I'm lead to believe ticket sales are indeed being counted towards the box office.

To me, the films I personally remember are the ones where I've either thought "Wow" during them, or "Wow" after leaving the cinema. Not many films have done that with me - certainly not any action films before. Serenity did that, and I'm sure if you ask the people who both loves and hated Serenity, I'm sure 95% of them will agree the "Wow" effect is there somewhere. It's not Firefly, but it is very Joss on a very big screen.
I'm surprised how quick Leeds went. Bought one as soon as they were available by phone - went back to buy the 2nd ticket the following day when the website had put them up, but too late. You think I'd have learned by now, did exactly the same thing with Manchester...
I got my tickets for Cardiff. Any other Welsh Browncoats heading out?

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