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February 07 2003

(SPOILER) Mutant Enemy president on the Buffy spinoff. "We're kind of sitting on our hands until UPN and Fox figure out what they want to do" says Chris Buchanan.

argh! this response is wearing thin. how many different ways can articles keep rewording "we have no idea yet, and if we did, we wouldn't tell you"?
Eliza's a little princess. She needs several years to mull this over :)
Let's face it, Faith was a great foil for Buffy - she showed her potential dark side - but as the lead of a show? Ugh. I'd rather see Joss take Fray to the small screen. They could re-use the Firefly sets!
I don't agree. I can't get enough of Faith--especially as the lead. Did you know Fray was supposed to be a Faith comic, but they couldn't get permission to use her, so Joss created a new character? BTW, was Fray just 4 issues, or did it continue past that? I only picked up the first or second.
It's 8 issues. 1-6 are out, but #7 and #8 have been postponed. The series' conclusion now coincides with the season (series?) finale of BtVS. Interesting...
I'd prefer Faith as the Slayer over Buffy. 'Cause she's hotter, sassier and isn't so bloody righteous and up her own bum as Buffy. More importanly, she doesn't dress like she's your mom. A series with Faith roaming the country? I'd download it religiously.

My scenario Faith, Xander, Willow and Andrew flee Sunnydale in a battered van when the Hellmouth implodes and Sunnydale's destroyed.

No sign of Buffy, Spike, Giles etc, nobody knows what's happened to them. They travel around fighting evil demons around the country (starting in Washington, ahem). Plenty of room for guest appearances.

Not sure what to do with Dawn. I like her, but too many women already. I'd ditch Willow too if Anya were still available.
Robo-ritter, I've specced for a long time that the delay is intentional.
Prolific, that mystery machine has to make its way to Boston(Faith's and Eliza's home) eventually. So, does Faith shag Xander in the back(better get blankets), while Willow drives and Andrew navigates(or plays car games)? :P
Faith is also my favourite character, but how do you handle a Faith-based (!) series thematically?

Buffy is a metaphor. Angel is a melodrama. Faith would be... what?

The "recovering evil" thing has been explored on Angel. And the "chosen girl growing up" thing has been explored on Buffy. What's left?

If ME can do something fresh and unexpected, I'll be watching. But then ME are masters of the fresh and unexpected, so I have... faith.
I think the answer is obvious... "single girl in the city," natch.

Faith works as a hip photographer for a glossy magazine by day, slays beasties by night, and works out her emotional issues by taking Pilates and sleeping with a sexy new guest star each week. It's 'Sex and the City' - with vampires!


I'm all for a Faith spin-off. I can't think of a good reason for any of the Scoobies to be on it, though it might be a nice place for Wesley or even Connor to jump ship and join (the Oedipus thing is bound to get old eventually).

My question: if Faith was a foil for Buffy, what kind of girl/guy/demon will be the foil for Faith?
Spike--documented. Just watch This Year's Girl/Who Are You. Spike hears about Faith(and likes what he hears) in TYG, then gets totally flummoxed by Faith in Buffy's body at the Bronze in WAY.
Prolific, I think you've got a great fanfic idea started.

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... I'd write it if I could, but I'm no good at fiction of any kind.

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