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September 15 2005

Yet another web comic Firefly shoutout. Recent strips in the superhero comic "Red Sparrow" feature a grumpy, gun-toting shopkeeper.

Lo and behold, the shopkeeper is named Jayne! The previous strip has an obvious shoutout, too.

Hmm...great to have all of these comics strip shout-outs, but is it just me or are these latest ones really lacking in the funny?

I didn't even have a chuckle with these two.
Yeah, lately it's just been "I'm mentioning Firefly/Serenity", and not using it to actually be funny. Oh wow, he mentioned Jayne. Does he do something funny with Jayne? No. Arg.

Sorry about the annoyedness.
I'm waiting for jaynelovesvera to sound off here...
... and that's 7582 mentions of Firefly in webcomics...
Well, here's webcomic number 7583 that references Firefly. I just cranked it out a few minutes ago.

We'll hit 8000 comics by September 30 without breaking a sweat!
Okay, I guess I'm the only one who thought this one deserved at least a little chuckle. I thought the gun line was pretty cute since it captured the essence of Jayne's character perfectly.
Funny or not, mentioning Firefly/Serenity in your webcomic is apparently what all the cool kids are doing nowadays.
It's officially a trend. Which is good for us.

Looking forward to that 8000th one ;)

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