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September 15 2005

(SPOILER) Transcript of first part of Joss' Q and A in Melbourne, Australia. Major Spoilers - like nixygirl said - do not click on this link if you don't want to be spoiled. Details on who has signed on for the sequels over at Sci Fi Wire.

The link does not work. :(
yeah, I don't know what I'm doing wrong..even with the how to tips *mutters at complete lack of technological know how*
Try removing anything before the www.serenitymovie... ETC.
Tried that. Maybe I'll just include the website address and instructions on how to get there until Caroline or someone can rescue me. Its at in the "Forum" section under "I've seen Serenity" about fourth entry down called "Spoilers Melbourne Q and A transcript". Sorry for being such a dill :(
Thanks! Much appreciated.
Poster Boy, make sure that your link includes the http:// at the beginning. I once had a problem including a link in a comment (I went straight for the "www.") but it worked just fine once I edited it to include the protocol at the start of the link.
The how to page explains how to make links in a comment.

If you want to learn how to make a front page post, reading our 'about' page helps. It'll lead to this instruction page.
I'ved added another link to the subject line, it could be have the potential to be very spoilerish so it fits in with this thread and save space on the front page.
And the Q & A itself? Wonderful. This is the first one I've read where everyone knew that they could ask Joss questions about the movie and he answered some of the ones I'd been wondering about. Since he is hoping, of course, for further life in this verse, he wouldn't answer some questions from the show, like what was the purpose of Inara's syringe but that is fine.
Those who haven't seen the movie yet, bookmark that thread for later reading.
This is such a nice added benefit from the movie coming out. We get to hear a lot from our BDH as well. Expecially Joss.
Great Q and A. Glad to know he's still keeping secrets. Hope to find out about them in a movie rather than a drunken posting from Joss. Although a drunken non-spoilery post from Joss would be quite colorful and fun.
What a great read! Thanks.
Just wanted to add my thanks for the transcript. Great read.
I was there, and it was a great experience. That man is funny, and extremely lovable. :D The entire Q & A was about an hour long, so there will probably be much much more of it.. Thanks for the transcript. :)

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