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September 16 2005

Treating Wonder Woman Like Batman. Joss tells Sci Fi Wire how he'll approach Diana's origin story.

Ahem, Simon, check your subject title . . . looks around innocently . . . runs from room . . .
Hee. It's too early :p.
Have you had your coffee yet? You haven't have you? Whoops, should I say, tea?

BTW, you can kick out my post and nothing more will be said ... for now :-)

ETA: Removes halo because of misspelt coffee. Rats.

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Nah I'm in a warts and all mood today ;).
I seem to have developed a rep in my local comic shop as a semi-expert on Joss. (Can't imagine why... ::avoids looking at screen name::), and the last time I was in, the guys were asking me about a rumour they'd heard that Joss would not be using the WW costume. And they were *so* upset! Yeesh! I assured them that this was extremely unlikely as Joss is a total comic fanboy and would never do such a thing. (I also pointed out that he hadn't said much about the details of the WW film - i.e. casting, etc., instead repeatedly pointing out that he wants to WRITE it first.) So I'm sure they'll be glad to hear this next time I go in.

Honestly, where do all these goofy rumours come from, anyway?

I should probably tell them to come here. ...Except... I kind of like the street cred my "expertise" (snerk) gives me.
*hangs head in shame*

Anyway, I just can't imagine anyone as uniquly qualified to do her justice in film than Joss.
Joss said in a prior interview that she won't be wearing star spangled panties. But then he said in another interview that she'll be wearing what she's currently wearing in the comics. If she's not wearing the panties then what is she wearing?
Nothing. WW will be Joss' debut into the adult film industry :)
hm, I trust Joss and everything (he is my, er, Boss?) but I don't really like origin stories. Like, how she gets her bracelets, how she gets her invisible plane -- all that's like the set up as in a TV pilot, where the set up is never as sweet as the payoff. I have a tendency to love the sequels to superhero movies, Superman 2, Batman Returns, X2, Spiderman 2, over the premiere movies. You get the crazier, kooky villains and generally they're more fun and relaxed.

Which is my convoluted way of saying to Joss, please don't make this movie like Batman Begins -- I go to a comic book movie to have fun with maybe a serious message slipped in with the sugar like medicine. But I ultimately trust Joss.

plus, *phew* to the no spangled panties route. Over-sexualizing a female hero is no way make her a serious hero.
So is everyone's problem with the panties? Or with the spangles? Cause the spangles don't bother me but how anyone could be reasonably expected to fight crime in a strapless bathing suit is beyond me...
Maybe the star-spangled panties will be her underwear, and she throws a pair of jeans over them.

Or the outfit is something she had to wear because she lost a bet.
I'm sure Joss will find a wonderul compromise that only he can. He'll make the comic fans happy, and he won't piss off people making her too scantily clad. I personally am all for an origin story. Not many people (including me) know very much about her origin other than she's an Amazon princess. I honestly think it is necessary to tell the story about her. Who knows, the movie may turn into something huge, and if there's a sequel (and he does it) he can then shift his focus on something else since he's already done the origin story.
Treating Wonder Woman Like Batman.

What? Hippolyte gets shot in an alley in front of Diana?

Boy, I'm sick of watching pearls fall in slo-mo...
At the same SCIFI wire page, there's another article/interview, "Serenity cast signed for sequels" (sorry, I cannot get my feeble brain to work the code for linking). Just scroll down to the bottom of the same web page for the link.

It has this especially interesting quote from the always quotable Joss:

Whedon added: "I've actually said once or twice that the difference between TV and movies is that TV shows are a question, and movies are an answer. And so in this we had to have a definitive statement about freedom and humanity and what we need and what we should be allowed to have as people, which is all our flaws. And then I answer that. I make a definitive statement. I put a period or, hopefully, an exclamation point on that, as opposed to just sort of pursuing the question for years, which is what a TV show would do."

That's just a really neat way to look at the differences between a good tv series and a good movie. I always enjoy these little insights into the workings of the Joss brain.
What a wonderful quote, punkinpuss. He's got the clearest, most unique way of simply expressing complex things. Sometimes I just want to hug his mind.
Eddy, in some of the comics recently, they've shown her wearing a star-spangled skirt, and in some other pictures, it those Roman or Greek style warrior skirt things? Not sure what they're called, exactly, but something akin to what the guys in Troy were wearing? And the end of each of those had a star.

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