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September 16 2005

"We had this little show that could, you know?" - Sean Maher speaks. Fab interview with the doc over at TV Guide. The fandom, Fox, bloopers, Serenity and his other work all get discussed.

I was hoping to hear more from Sean Maher. He's the least-seen member of the cast, far as interviews go.
"And the cast, I would do anything with this group of people, whether it's television or film... even if we take a circus act on the road" <--Oh, the mental image. *grins*

Nice to have an interview with Sean Maher, I haven't really seen many others out there.

*Does her best to keep Sean-fangirl squee!age to herself*
*is with Lunakitty on the fangirl squee!age*

Gonna have to remember to watch that episode of Ghost Whisperer. If Sean wasn't guesting, I don't think I would bother with it otherwise.
Simon is probably my favourite character on the show (It's so hard to choose). I was thrilled to bits when Sean was the first person shown on the original trailer.
I'd love to see the whole cast do a completley different movie together but the only example I could think of was Feirce Creatures with the Fish Called Wanda cast, and that wasn't exactly a success...
I'd love to see the whole cast do a completley different movie together but the only example I could think of was Feirce Creatures with the Fish Called Wanda cast, and that wasn't exactly a success...

Well there was the Carry On movies.
When Sean came to Toronto for one of the advance screenings, he was a little overwhelmed at his welcome. He was interviewed by Space the next day and said the enthusiasm of the fans was very exciting and had kept him up that night.
When Adam did a Q & A at SFX last month, it was in a far too small room with half the audience out in the hallway. He said that the love in the room was palpable and he was tossing it right back at us.
This really is a mutual Admiration Society.
"Honestly, wherever Joss goes, I follow."

How many of us on Whedonesque identify with that sentiment!

How blessed am I to have stumbled upon the Whedonverse, in all of its many aspects!
Sean is definately the least vocal cast member, and as stupid as it sounds, it makes me worried that he's not as invested as the others even though he is so great in it. I'm always happy to see when he re-affirms just how much he loves this 'verse. Seems like an overall great person to be around.
Yeah, when did we last get an interview with Sean? I really enjoyed this, and am still walking on air from that Sarah Douglas (is that her name?) audio thing with Joss Down Under.

This close to more general release I guess it's not surprising we're getting so many good interviews, but it is very satisfying. And good on TV Guide! Doesn't seem like one of their more obvious choices for an interview.
I guess I'll watch Ghost Whisperer to see him. Looks like a bad show that I've seen a million times. Cool praises by him about the fans. Makes me all warm and tingly inside.
I was also very estatic to see a interview with Sean. I would venture to say that we hear the least about him and from him and whenever we do it's always just lovely. I really enjoy his enthusiasm for the fans and the work.

Just one of the things that makes this whole cast so special. I hope we get more from all of them soon!
I hope they do take a circus act on the road. Because the only thing I love more than these guys is bears in hats.
I, too, am thrilled to hear he is as invested as the others. I'm all tingly!

Big points for TV Guide, too.
sfrechette - I think that it is more a matter of Sean Maher being incredibly shy than it does being not invested. When he was in Toronto, it almost felt like he wanted to go hide in a corner when we were applauding him. I think this kind of fandom just really, REALLY overwhelms him. Which, of course, is incredibly endearing. When I met him in Toronto (briefly to sign my poster) I blurted out that I named my daughter Inara and he was almost as embarrassed as I was! He was sweet, though, and after a beat asked me how old she was and such, but, yeah, painful moment.
I also got to see Sean in Toronto. All I can say is he seems to be a really sweet guy who took the time to sign the posters, take photos with anyone who asked and got a big kick out of some life size cartoon images some one did of the serenity characters!
I watched The Dive from Clausen's Pier just for Sean and thought he was really good in that. I actually went back and re-watched Firefly to focus on Simon more and was even more impressed. In what little of Sean that I have seen outside of his work he seems like a nice, quiet guy. I'll definitely try to catch his episode of Ghost Whisperer.
Me and Kirsty interviewed Sean on camera in Edinburgh... I think he's shy, Kirsty thinks he was flirting. It's a tough call. He seemed like a sweet guy, anyway, who can't quite believe what's going on around him at times.

And let's be honest: if I had 5000 rabid fans cheering at me at a convention, I'd not be understanding what's going on, and I'm sure people can get that.
I've always wondered, in almost every episode the Doc saves someone from a gunshot would or similiar. How the hell did they survive before he joined the crew? Or did we never hear about the other twenty seven "red shirts" who snuffed it on a weekly basis?

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