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September 16 2005

Progress on the release of the Firefly soundtrack. Chris Buchanan says over at the Official Firefly Board "I can confirm that serious discussions about a "Firefly" soundtrack are taking place".

Five quid says the DVD boxset will get re-released with the soundtrack. Though at this rate fans should probably expect to get their hands on the music just in time for Firefly's 10th anniversary.

awsome, the show had incredible music.
agreed, this is wonderful news. the show really had a great score that deserves to be listened to by itself... and I hope that they include "The Man We Call Jayne" as a bonus track!
This is excellent news. I can't wait to hear Chris' score of 'Firefly'. Thanks for the link, Simon.

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Very good news -- thanks Simon.
I wasn't too crazy about Serenity's soundtrack and think that the music done for Firefly was far superior, so I can't wait for Fox to finally release a Firefly soundtrack.
I loved the FIREFLY music ((Serenity-not so much))
so this is good news

trying to be patient . it out yet?
"The Hero Of Canton" as a bonus track? That should be a single!

... Okay, maybe not, but it better be on there. :D
I really, REALLY hope something comes of this. I was watching 'The Train Job' the other day and thinking that I would give anything to have the music from that episode (not to mention 'Safe' ... and 'The Message' ... wow.)
I'm not sure this deserves a new link, but there is an entry for the Firefly soundtrack on the Fox music website that says "Coming Soon"¶m=&urlUnEscape=true

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