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"I wanted to do a show about people who are not 'super,' just working-class people, the people history steps on. (Joss on Firefly)"
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September 16 2005

Serenity Week at Nice Guy Comic. Nice Guy, a web comic that has shown great support for Firefly in the past, updates with a Serenity comic and sketches of the Serenity cast. Plus a Big Damn Essay.

From the newsletter:

This update? We aim to misbehave.

The new update is good to go, and it’s all themed around “Serenity”, the film opening September 30th based on the cult phenomenon TV show called “Firefly”. We at the Nice Guy have been backing Firefly, and Serenity, since we first started up, and are happy as all the other Browncoats that all our waiting has finally paid off. We got our Big Damn Movie!

So, in celebration and tribute, we’ve got all Serenity stuff for you this time around.

First, we’ve got the new strip in the COMICS! section, a Serenity-themed one called “#1 Hef in the ‘Verse”. While you’ll still be able to enjoy it if you’re NOT familiar with the material, it’s really done for folks that know both Firefly and the Nice Guy (especially Frank). So check it out at:

Second, we’ve got an all-new page in TIM’S SKETCHBOOK where Tim does his Nice-Guy-esquee renditions of all the main characters from Serenity. Climb aboard at:

And last, in the RANT SHACK, I’ve written up a Big Damn Essay called “All I Want is Serenity”, one that talks all about the show, its path to moviedom, my history with it, and the fans. Lots of pretty pictures to go with the words, so you can take a look at what we’re talking about, plus links to the official site and to the film’s trailer, which you can watch right on your very own monitor. Dare you not to want to check out the film after watching it…

As I’ll be in San Diego on the next Nice Guy deadline on October 1st (seeing this here movie we’re talking about with my old pals), expect it to be a couple of days late, but I’ll have it ready ASAP for you. In the meantime, enjoy Serenity Week, learn all about the film that everyone’s talking about, and don’t forget to grab yourself a ticket and check it out on 9/30! Join the revolution!

Michael O'Connell
Your Friendly Nice Guy Writer and Web Daddy

I love the Nice Guy comic strips, this one's very good indeed.
"This situation is problematic."

I Love River!
I doubt Wash would ever question a hot tub being there lol.
OMG! I had the same exact dream. What a small world.
Damnit! I spelled Kaylee wrong! LOSER!!!

Sorry, folks. That's what happens when you're doing this on a deadline and working all night. Heh. I'll get in and change it on the Rant, at least. Sorry for such a TERRIBLE FF party foul!

Hope you all enjoyed it! TWO WEEKS TO GO!!!

Michael O'Connell
That Guy Who Writes The Nice Guy

P.S. I just want everyone to know that in my script? The girls were all in bikinis. Blame the artist... :)
Ah HA! Fixed it!

Now I won't be getting e-mails all weekend from folks about my screw-up!

A big thanks to Taylor (the Uncharted Outlaw) for being the first one to spot that and give me a chance to fix it early! If only we could afford an editor...
P.S. I just want everyone to know that in my script? The girls were all in bikinis. Blame the artist... :)

Blame the artist?

...I'll be in my bunk. =)
The hot tub might just be an allusion to a gag in the very shiny parody fanfilm Mosquito.
I love this. But why is Zoe alone in wearing a bikini? Equal opportunity, please. ;)
Ah HA! Fixed it!

Psst. It's still spelled wrong on your sketchbook page. Love the essay, by the way.

NOW it's all fixed! :) Thanks for the last-minute save! Glad you liked it. Sure hope some of the links get more people to get hip to the Serenity tip. We'll see...
That was so great! And I loved the little nod to Mosquito aswell!
Best. Firefly/Serenity webcomic shout-out. Ever.

By the way, Mike, I read all the rest of the strips, and I have to say I'm in love. Definitely the best webcomic I have ever read, and in fact, I just put $3.50 in an envelope to mail out to you guys to get that "Pilot" issue.

Kinda hoping that thing about accepting cash wasn't just a joke.

And, hey, I even included a personalized note. I made a note in the letter that it was from me, UnpluggedCrazy, so hopefully you won't freak out and think it's a threat of some kind.

Here's to continued success for The Nice Guy!

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