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September 16 2005

"Boreanz turns out to be the genuine TV star of the Whedon bunch." From the blog of John Rogers, most notable on Whedonesque for his attempts to bring the comic Global Frequency to television.

"Boreanz is so filthily likable in this role"

lol, I agree with that. His character was by far the nicest, sniper or not.
Wait till Aly's show hits...
I also see Rogers was upset the Exposition Fairy made too many visits to explain why Tempe acts cold and distant and whatever on the show. I am hoping that they've learned from their mistakes in the pilot, and got together a better script for next week. It's as if the writers were worried about telling eveything about Tempe and Seeley now in case Fox cancelled them after one show.
Having watched the pilot last Monday, I'd say my reaction was similar to Rogers, though toned down considerably.

I usually watch a show 2-3 times before deciding to hang up on it, but the scripting on Bones just bored me to tears. Also the montages with popular music, ect. The dialogue was snappy and fast -- very Howard Hawks-ish -- but it tended to be frosting on some pretty dry cake.

Good cast though, and Boreanaz is excellent. But most of them are wasted.
the Exposition Fairy made too many visits

Lord, yes. So annoying. I was hopeful for the first 10 minutes or so, but then the show seemed to go downhill fairly quickly. I'm not impressed, but I'll give it another chance or two.
So, should I watch Bones tonight or Stargate: SG1?
Was anybody else waiting for David to burst into flames? I had to explain to my friend alternate dimensions, with the sun being the non-burning variety.

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