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September 16 2005

Chart positions for Whedonverse comics in August. Four relevant comic books came out for Whedonverse fans last month so how did they chart in the Top 300 Diamond List? Well Astonishing X-Men #12 came in at No. 5, Serenity #2 reached No. 47, Angel: The Curse #3 got to No. 148 and last but not least Spike: Old Times came in at No. 192. Updated to show estimated sales figures.

Very strong finish for the end of the current run of Astonishing X-Men, Dark Horse scoring the highest entry for an non Marvel/DC book with Serenity, IDW doing not too bad with Angel and the word on the street appears to be that they seriously underprinted for the Spike comic book.

So the estimated sales figures:
Astonishing X-Men #12 125,800
Serenity #2 47,100
Angel: The Curse #3 13,200
Spike: Old Times 7,900

Catlady posted at colddeadseed that when she went into her local comic store to buy the Spike comic she was told by a very frustrated owner that they were all soldout and those who had preordered were out of luck because so few had been published.

Hopefully the publisher will print more of the next Spike comic.
It took me ages to track down a copy ! None of the local stockists had one left, in fcat they couldn't even meet their pre-orders. In the end I ordered it from America.

But I understand that a reprint is on the way.
Luckily, I pre-ordered copies of the Spike comic from IDW and got them, but I've seen posts from several disappointed Spike fans who weren't able to get a copy.

I posted a question on IDW's site, but I don't completely understand Ryall's response.

I'm very happy the Angel and Serenity ones are doing well. Ryall did say in another post that those who wanted to order all the issues for the series "Angel: The Curse" would be able to do so once an additional printing of the sold out issues is complete. So, keep your eyes open.

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