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September 16 2005

Alyson Hannigan on CBS The Late Late Show Tonight. Most likely promoting her new show "How I Met Your Mother."

Just saw the preview for it during Letterman, so when I said tonight, I meant in about 10 minutes here on the east coast.

She looked very cute and was very funny. And of course, typically, when talking about Hollywood destroying people Craig thought she was talking about SMG (she said 'no no no').
Very brief appearance by Aly (barely five minutes), who looked adorable (of course). They showed a clip from How I Met Your Mother (which wasn't that funny), and discussed the first time Aly met Craig Ferguson (when she was in London with Anthony Stewart Head).

Aly said she and Alexis see ASH whenever they go to London to visit friends. Aly talked about how she was raised in Georgia and moved to Hollywood at age 11, and how her Southern upbringing keeps her stable when a lot of people are destroyed by the fake ego boosting of sycophants in Hollywood. And that was really about it.
Is it just me or did she not, you know, promote "How I Met Your Mother"? They showed the clip and that's about it.
Craig Ferguson has a US chat show? Bloody hell he's come a long way since his stint on UK telly.
I loved how a couple of times Aly referred to Alexis as "my husband" rather than calling him by name. It gave me the impression that she is happily settled in to married life with him.

Regarding Craig Ferguson, I think he's the best thing that's happened to late night TV in the U.S. in a long, long time. I wasn't impressed with him on The Drew Carey Show, but he's brilliant as a talk show host. Way, way funnier (and less insipid) than Conan IMHO and an excellent interviewer. Plus I love that Scottish burr of his -- very sexy!
I think Ferguson is refreshing change from your "typical" (whatever that means) talk show (chat show is a much better term, we really ought to adopt it) host. I love hearing Scottish burrs too. Billy Connelly is another Scot I could listen to for hours. If Connelly were ever a guest on Ferguson's show it would be burr heaven. But I also liked hearing Steve Jones talk too. There's something about all the various accents of the U.K. and Australia that do something for me. I guess I find them...I don't know...lyrical? maybe that's the right word.

But yeah, Ferguson is such a great conversationalist that he and his guest often veer from the reason why the guest is there.
It results in hearing much more interesting things about the guest than the usual plugola.

That SMG comment really caught Aly (and me for that matter) off-guard. But it was cool to hear her talk about Alexis, and visiting Tony Head, and why she loves England, and her soccer days, etc.

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