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September 17 2005

The Toy Guru reviews Mal action figure. "It could have been A LOT worse."

it looks like Mal is made of plastic and he's had plastic surgery with plastic implants and is now primary a solidified piece of plastic.
looks like a cross-dresser/transvesdite
LOL to both of your comments - couldn't agree more!
The "Deer in headlights" pic looks like Liam Neeson. The others look nothing like Mal.
Well, i think it could have been worse. I don't see how it reasonably could have been "ALOT" worse.
Sure it could have been worse, but it also could have been a lot better... My local comic book shop guy has a friend whose only job is to check scans for DST figures, after seeing some of the recent Whedonverse figs.(Mal and Grad. Faith), he did mention that his friends likes to drink... a lot.
Well, at least they got rid of the "Mal as a three year-old doing an interpretation of a deer caught in traffic" sculpt. But this still isn't much better.

Oh, how I wish McFarlane could make our BDHs...
His eyebrows..... they're leaving.
Could have been a lot worse? True. At least he didn't look like Elvis.
LOL Simon, but have to say that figure looks great in real life!
Wow. I just dont understand how these action figures get made. Do these people take NO pride in their work? Does McFarlane have to do EVERYTHING, around here??
Could have been a lot worse? True. At least he didn't look like Elvis.

You should see the things Strega did with it.
Now I loves me some Nathan, but if this action figure were to come to life and appear at my bedroom door, it's likely I'd run away screaming. However, if Nathan were to appear with the fun yoga positions of this action figure, well. . .
He looks like Christopher Plummer with a lot of blush on.
"It could have been A LOT worse."

No, it really couldn't have.
McFarlane does make good firgures, too bad he makes such a crappy human being.

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