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September 17 2005

Robot Chicken comes to DVD. Seth Green's stop-motion cartoon, which had SMG as a guest star for a few eps., heads to DVD.

did this show ever air on tv?
I've only had the chance to see a few episodes of Robot Chicken, but they were hilarious. This DVD release sounds mighty fine to me...
Yes myserenity. All the episodes aired on Cartoon Network's adult swim block and it had awesome ratings.
This is a great show! I have only managed to catch a handful of episodes but they are usually quite funny! SMG has done some of the voices for the show but the best one was the Buffy spoof they did. Very happy that it will be coming out on DVD so I can watch it all. I hope it's reasonably priced considering that each episode is only about 10 minutes of actual show.
Excellent, I loved Robot Chicken and will be using this set to convert as many people as I can to it's genius.

Nice to know about the ratings eddy, I had heard they weren't that good, but I've no idea where so I guess it was just a rumour. Maybe we'll get a 2nd season. *crosses fingers*
They already renewed it for a 2nd season. It starts in January.
I wonder if this will be getting an R2 release, I would definitely like to check it out...
Excellent, thanks eddy. I'm sure if I wasn't so lazy I could've just investigated myself and found out but now I don't have to :)

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