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September 17 2005

Keith R.A. DeCandido joins the Flanvention in LA. The convention will be held Dec 9-11 at the Hilton Burbank Airport & Convention Center. KRAD will be there along with the rest of the line-up which includes almost all of our BDHs.

Awsome! Have a great time KRAD. As a reminded, if you want to win a copy of KRAD's Serenity, go to the COMPETITION tab on the main-page. Only a few of us have submitted and I have a feeling that many more want to enter, but have forgotten. It's still going on as far as I'm concerned!
Awesome!!! What a lineup they have! Is it December yet? Can't wait for the Flanvention!!! Yipeee!!!!!
Am I the only one in shock? $235 for a weekend convention? $753 for "the big pass"? Maybe I'm just cheap. Maybe I wish I could let myself spend that kind of dough...but damn thats more than a little steep for my average joe pocketbook. Any Whedonesque scholarships available?
Am I the only one in shock?

Well, I'm not in shock, since a lot of conventions carry a hefty price. But I am too cheap(or poor, take your pick) to pay that much to see the BDH's.
$235 isn't that hefty when you consider that it will be a small convention with lots of access to our BDH's. I'm greatly looking forward to this con. And it's cool that KRAD will be there. I'll have to get my Serenity novel autographed. Oh, and those of you wanting one of the Big Damned Passes, as of yesterday afternoon it was posted on their forum that there were only 4 left. So if you want one, you'd better hurry.
Slightly OT but my local bookstore is telling me that neither krad's novelization nor Joss' Official Companion (the book, not Inara!) will be available in Australia. Help - anyone got definitive info to say it will be released here?
Could you order it from or
I could but I was trying to give local business my trade (and, purely as a secondary issue, of course *cough*cheap bastard*cough*, avoid freight costs). If it isn't released here, I guess I will have to resort to Amazon!
Giving local business your money is a good thing. I do hope they release the books where you are. I also like the "instant gratification" of buying things locally. Sometimes, it's nice to just have it.
catalyst2 - There's a thread on Serenity Oz where we've been talking about where to get the books, some people have found the Visual Companion locally, but it isn't cheap! We assume they're imports.
Heck you don't have to buy the full weekend pass (which is for all 3 days) - you can pick up a one day pass for $79. Then mix and match what you want to get. Heck they even have a couple of screens on either side of the stage kinda like they do at SDCC and DC but with much less expected seating, at the most there maybe 700 people at this event and not a bad seat in the house.
I think if I'm able to get into the Uni event on the 24th, I'll definitely pass on this one. But it's very cool that it's available, and yeah, $79 for a day isn't bad.

Oh, I just noticed you only save $2 if you buy the weekend pass vs buying 3 day passes. You'd think they'd make the difference bigger, to entice people a bit more.
I am too POOR--from the east coast--airfare, hotel, food and THAT MUCH money for a entry fee

gosh that is SEVERAL months pay
Man I'd kill for this, 200something for weekend pass, about 200 bux for airfare, another 200 to at least have some type of decent fun and afford souvenirs, and another 200 for a motel room. I'm a college student!! lol anyone willing to sponsor me?

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