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September 17 2005

See Serenity Two Days Early! 'Slice of Sci-Fi' is giving away tickets to see Serenity in Phoenix or Tuscon on the 28th. All you have to is download the podcast, listen to the Firefly questions and email the answers. Or if you want to see the movie on the same day in Manhattan, The Village Voice is giving away a pair of tickets.

If anyone else knows of any similar competitions, please do post them in this thread.

You can win a pair of tickets in Toronto via the Toronto Sun ( Just click on "contests".
you live in toronto?

is it cold?
schlong, hate to say it, but you've already been advised several times to abide by the site rules regarding punctuation. If you can't follow them - and they're really pretty simple (to wit: "Please use correct punctuation"), - then you might be better off finding another site. Thanks.
One of the Toronto Rock radio stations,the Edge, was also having a contest for tickets but it appears to be over. Strangely enough it was for the premiere on Wednesday the 28th.

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