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September 18 2005

Firefly weekend on Sci-Fi UK including all the episodes, in the correct order, across two days. May also include Serenity related features across the weekend. Starts October 1st, a week before Serenity opens. Additionally, as a reminder Nathan Fillion is hosting an exclusive Serenity special on Sci-Fi US Tuesday September 27th, 10/9c, as part of their Firefly marthon.

Wow how many times can SciFi UK repeat Firefly? Apart from The Invisible Man (Bobby Hobbes!), Firefly is the only decent show ever shown on that channel.
They do seem to be showing it as much as E4 show Friends or Sky One show the Simpsons. Of course Firefly has just a few less episodes sadly.
I'm sure Sci-Fi (owned by Universal) constantly showing Firefly now has nothing to do with anything ;)
What's news to me is that Sci-fi USA is doing a Firefly marathon. I'm glad those viewers will have a chance to see the entire series before the film...for the ones unwilling or unable to go out and rent or buy the DVDs at least.

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