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September 18 2005

Sarah Michelle Gellar on her new movie 'Southland Tales'. Very informative interview over at

Uhhh...okay. Maybe it's because I just woke up from a nap but was that interview a little, well, crazy maybe? I can't tell if she's staying in character or if the spirit of the film has her a little frenetic. I know just watching his work can do that to a person. But a very entertaining read.
I'm wicked looking forward to the movie.

(Oh and uh 49 hours and 11 minutes until I see 'Serenity'. And it still hasnt sunken in yet.)
Apocalypse, When I was sitting in the theater in April I told my mom "I can't believe this is happening. It's not real." She told me I was crazy. It's hard not to be.
Cool interview. Good to know she hasn't ruled out The Grudge 2.
MySerenity, I'll fully admit to being crazy! Because we've been waiting for so long for this, it seems like theres still miles to go. But its the day after tommorow. The Day after Tommorow! I can't believe it! Its exactly 49 hours now!

This is too unreal.
49 hours? Damn I'm jealous.
Frankly I couldn't care less about the Grudge sequel, but I'm delighted that SMG might, after all, have a song in Southland Tales. The interview was a bit, um, caffeine-driven (or maybe it was the editing), but her answers were as articulate as ever.
Well its 48 now....:)
Please don't do The Grudge 2 Sarah! It would so damage the mythology of the films. And yeah, the interview was a bit weird but I sort of enjoy that.
46 and a half hours until I see Serenity...!

Interesting read. I'm looking forward to SMG's future projects, they all seem quite interesting, especially this. And that she's not sticking entirely to the horror genre, I had been worried after The Grudge, Alice, Scooby Doo (sorta horrorish), Scream 2 and I Know What You Did Last Summer. She was running the risk of being typecast.

It would also be very cool to see her sing again.
The interview was a bit, um, caffeine-driven (or maybe it was the editing), but her answers were as articulate as ever.

There was a press tour on the 16th so other versions of the interview should be turning up which presumably will give us a clue whether it was caffeine or editing
I think SMG always comes across as being quite hyper in her interviews. I think she's even said herself that she's like that. It's one of the reasons I enjoy them.
She's said she thinks people must think she's always drinking coffee.
There's a less choppy version of this interview found here, if anyone is interested.

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