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September 18 2005

IGN's Battle of the Comic-Book Writers Round 3. Joss vs. Garth Ennis!

After finishing off Jeph Loeb in round 2 with 57% of the votes, Joss takes on the writer of Punisher, Hitman and Preacher. And this time the voting results can't be viewed until the next round begins.

I voted whats his name....the guy who did that TV show about the girl who kills vampires.

Josh Whittington?
Voted for Ennis, Preacher was one of the best comic book tales ever written.
So, Simon's gonna leave us...

Bye bye, Simon.



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I would vote Garth Ennis over Joss for even just The Pro. As high up as he is on my list of TV talents, Joss hasn't produced a masterpiece series or mini-series in comic land yet (much as I enjoyed Fray and his poem in Tales of the Slayer), it's still early yet. He's got some serious climbing to do before he'd get my vote for best comic book writer.
Had to go Joss again. Against Alan Moore (just based on comic books), questionable though. Hopefully I will have to make that choice though!
Sorry guys, I agree with Simon, and voted for Ennis. Joss has made some brilliant TV, and some great comics, but he hasn't yet made a "comic classic." Preacher is one of the best comic series ever created, and his work on comics like Punisher has been largely good.
Preacher is definitely one of the best comic books ever written. And seeing this about 5 minutes after I finished up 12 issues of Garth's run on Punisher...well, he's gonna have to get my vote.
I love Preacher. And Ennis's Punisher is brilliant too. It was a hard choice, but Ennis got my vote. But I really think this one will go to Alan Moore, no matter which of these guys wins.
Oh my god, I have to choose between my two favorites?! This sucks. But since we're talking about comic books I'm gonna have to go with Ennis. Crap!
I just read everybody's comments. I'm so glad to know I'm not alone.
I think Joss is the best thing that's ever happened to television. I love Fray and Astonishing X-Men.

But if Joss wins this one over Garth Ennis it's just ridiculous. If Joss is still writing comics of the same quality in 5 years, it'd be a toss up. Ennis should win this one, Preacher was incredible. I'd hate to see a horde of Whedonverse TV fans take this away from Ennis.
Joss is Boss in many things but his comics have only been really, really good. He hasn't made a knock-your-socks off classic yet (note I said yet) like Preacher or The Pro. Ennis is gleefully depraved but nobody else writes quite like him. So sorry Joss :(

Slightly off-topic - it also killed me to have to choose between Greg Rucka and Neil Gaiman. I went with Rucka just because I knew he'd be slaughtered by the millions of Death fans.
See, easy for me, because I don't like Ennis. He does some good stuff, but relies on shock value waaaaay too much of the time.
I think Ennis gets away with the almost gratuitous shock stuff because he has real characters and real stories, and because his tongue is so firmly planted in his cheek that I have to forgive him almost anything. Honestly, if it consisted purely of outrageous shock stuff - which too many comics out there do right now, - I would have lost interest in Preacher very early on. It was the characterizations and story that kept me coming back. So, yep, I also voted for GE . . .
A competition where Mark Millar is considered better than Mckeever and PAD is not to be taken seriously. this is mostly a popularity contest, and popularity does not equal quality. And oh yeah, you like Ennis? go read War Stories. Great read.
I need to add some comments here.

When I was younger, I was a comic fan. Then I grew disappointed by what the comic had became (all hero females were pin-ups, the arcs were always more unbelievable, etc...). I had tried, since then, a few comics here and then (mostly reading what friends had bought), finding nothing that would make me come back (though not ennis, I recognize).

When I learned that Joss had made fray (this was after Buffy's finale), I thought to give it a try. You must understand that I was not eager to try, since by the time I was a little fed up with the slayer 'verse (Buddy's side, that is; less Angel's side... guess that means I had grown up ;) ). But, nevertheless, I gave Fray a try.

And this was an astounding success. As I said, I was very cold at the time concerning the "comics" thing... but Fray completely blew my mind (both the drawings, and the characterization). To me, Whedon really brought something to the comic world (more with fray than with AXmen, but that's another story). Maybe his comics are "only" really really good and not the top of the top; however, for what Joss made me feel with Fray, I consider I have to back him up on the comics thing.

Anyway, the real thing is that this kind of competition is quite stupid (as you have said, Whedon is not a "comics professional", so why compare him with other professionals of this job?). And I am stupid since I participate in it. ;)
I hate that we can't see who's winning! Gah!

Many of the choices in this round are truly painful. Vaughn vs Busiek hurt. (I went with Busiek. Astro City, man.) And Brubaker vs Morrison? (I went with Brubaker, but suspect Morrison will squish him.)

Le Comité: I have had a similar experience with comics. I stopped reading them years and years ago, when all my favorites were either sucky or cancelled. Or both. But when Joss got started writing, I just had to read his stuff. And I found that once again, I completely enjoyed the experience of comic reading. Then I found something non-Joss I wanted to check out (it was Bendis), and it was good. Really good. And now, I can't seem to stop. There's all this great stuff out there and I'm sucking it all in.

So Joss got me back, but all these other great writers made me stay.

...I still voted for Joss though. (Hey, I am his bitch,a fter all!)
This was definitely the hardest round so far and I have a feeling Joss is about to get crushed. I still can't see anyone but Mr. Moore winning overall either way.

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