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September 18 2005

Pic of Alyson and Alexis at the 2005 Emmys. How friggin' cute are they?

Adorable and beautiful, both of them!
That dress is beautiful... she always has excellent taste.

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rixen, I like to see them inviting Bell and Graham as more of an olive branch. "Sorry our academy is full of old fuddy duddies who don't watch GOOD TV, but we'd still like you to come be a part of this and maybe get some exposure for your show."

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My once-a-year Emmy rant (with the usual "not that these things matter all that much" disclaimer)...

-I know most comedies get end-of-series pity wins. Sometimes they deserve them, often they don't. Did anyone else hate Everybody Loves Raymond ? I mean, from the four or five episodes I've watched, it doesn't seem as bad as some of the sitcoms out there like According to Jim and Yes Dear. But Scrubs, Arrested Development, and Desperate Housewives were far more deserving candidates (although Housewives belongs in drama. In which case it wouldn't make the nominee list 'cause there're too many better dramas).

-I like Lost. I often like it a lot. It won due to popularity though, due to all the hype and the fact that it's accessible to those without cable, and repeated a ton last season. Personally I don't believe it was the most deserving out of those five candidates (and where's The Shield and Nip/Tuck ?) Deadwood and Six Feet Under should've been the ones to have to fight over the win. I've also heard that Season 4 of 24 was its best yet, but I'm not that far up.

-Real glad to see Felicity Huffman take the win for Best Actress in a Comedy. Her co-star Marcia Cross would've been just as deserving. Good win.

-Woo hoo! Arrested Development got one for writing (those Season 2 DVDs can't come out fast enough)

-The pilot for Desperate Housewives was really nicely directed, so good on 'em.

-Robbed. Jeremy Piven who plays Ari Gold on Entourage was robbed. The show's still young though, he'll get one.

-William fucking Shatner won over Terry O'Quinn and Naveen Andrews ?!? (Locke and Sayid from Lost) Okay now I know there's no god.

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David Fury is one sharp dressing Mother#$@%er.
I found the Emmy's horridly boring this year. I just kinda listened to them in the background.

But yeah, Alyson looked awesome. I LOVE that dress!
I'm assuming David Fury didn't win that Best Script thing he was up for.
You are correct Simon, much to my dismay. That honor went to another David (Shore) for "House."
Eh, when I click on the link above, I see a pic of Jason Lee and Beth Riesgraf (whoever that is). Which no. is the Alyson&Alexis pic? (When you click on thumbnails, the pics have numbers)
Yahoo must be updating the pics, so I've changed the link to the new URL for Alyson and Alexis.
Thank you, Simon.
Great dress! But when I look at Alyson, I just see Willow ...
There's some more pictures of Alyson, including her presenting an award here

And some more here, including a nice close-up of the dress detailing.

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I thought Alyson was adorable, and the camera kept picking her out of the audience -- although I kept missing AD. So thanks for the pictures. I missed all the pre- and post-show coverage.

I was sorry that Fury didn't win, but I'm glad he got to stand on the stage with the Lost people (including Daniel Dae Kim).

I must say I thought the show on the whole was a big bore, Ellen de Generes was not funny for the most part, and I was totally shocked at some of the winners. Yes, the Shatner win was a surprise, as was Spader's. I, too, dislike Everybody Loves Raymond -- with the exception of Doris Roberts -- and this show was totally outclassed by the "losers" in that category, in my mind. 24 got shut out for one of its best seasons.

I thought Kristin Bell was surprisingly good in the "idol" silliness, although it looked as though she nearly got dropped by one of the dancers lifting her up at one point. And the choreography was pretty dismal.

And didn't I hear Hugh Jackman thank all for his "Tony"?
Alyson’s gown is beautiful, but I imagine sitting through an awards show while wearing it wasn’t the most comfortable experience.
Speaking of uncomfortable experiences, if the producers are so worried about the show running long, they should cut out the “amusing” banter between presenters. Most of them can’t tell a joke and they just end up looking foolish.
I only watched for David Fury ("and the award goes to David...Shore!" God, I almost had a heart attack) and Alyson (twice when they cut to a reaction shot I saw Alexis and then Alyson. That was more exciting than the actual show, I can tell you). Wiliam Shatner over Terry O’Quinn? James Spader over Ian McShane and Hugh Laurie? Nothing for Frances Conroy? I’ve never watched Everybody Loves Raymond, but I think I’m putting it in the ‘not if it was the last show on earth’ category. Lost is fun, but there’s no way it’s a better show than Deadwood. However, it was great to see Mr Fury on stage with the rest of the Lost gang at the end.
Palehorse, I wasn't listening that carefully, but I think you are mistaken. Hugh Jackman won for hosting the Tony awards, so he was talking about them. He thanked people for watching the Tony's and for television broadcasting them because it is important for Broadway.

Does anyone know if there is a shot of David Fury from the awards anywhere? I missed the part of the show wherehe got on stage.
Thank you for the photo tgilders (and thank you for fixing the link Simon), like palehorse I saw a lot of Alyson H in that beautiful dress (and interviewing w/Dogie Houser), but I never saw a single shot of Alexis (who looks very sexy in the all black).
I felt that William Shatner won as a going away gift, he was never nominated before and has been on TV for decades. I'm sure Terry O'Quinn and Naveen Andrews will be nominated again, they are both so good (w/Hurley they are the best ones on the show! Well, I like the Korean couple too...but I really think the 'stars' of 'Lost' are the worst).
Personally I'm glad 'Everybody Loves Raymond' is off the air, but of course that is not true, it'll be on reruns ad nauseum. I've never been able to sit through the whole half hour of that show.
Kristen Bell also looked beautiful (I think she is on everyone's best dressed list), and sounded great in her number, so I hope this is all good publicity for 'Veronica Mars'.
newcj, not sure, but he very cleverly positioned himself right behind the microphone so he had plenty of screen time! Joss doesn't hire dummies :-)
I saw Aly during the program, but I think Alexis wasn't in the shot, so it's great to see the photos of them. Did anyone else look through all the pictures and then get mad 'cause there's no David Fury? [sigh] Maybe it's just me.

I was also thrilled he was standing behind Damon Lindelof (?) during the acceptance. I was squeeing and yelling, "David Fury! I'm so sorry 'Walkabout' didn't win, but I'm so happy to see you!"

ETA: This is Shatner's second consecutive win for the same role.

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Thanks, newcj. I knew he won for hosting the Tony awards, but I thought I heard him misspeak and say thanks for the Tony award. In any case, I wasn't certain, so that's why I posed it as a question. And I can only imagine, with the rush of adrenaline, and the rush to get speakers through their thank-yous, how difficult it is to say anything coherent. So it's not really a criticism. Thanks for your response, in any case.

bloodflowers, I agree that they should cut the banter between the presenters. The lines generally are lame, and the presenters often look embarrassed saying them. I'm much more interested in hearing what the recipients have to say than the presenters, and the recipients are the ones who get cut off.

I forgot to say earlier that I was happy to see that S. Epatha Merkerson won for Lackawanna Blues. I didn't see it, but I've always thought she deserved an Emmy for her work on L&O, so I'm happy she got the recognition.
the only time I saw Alexis in the seated crowd was immediately after Jon Stewart's segment on censorship/hurricane katrina-there was a cut to the audience and there was Alexis applauding. Never saw him again, though I did catch glimpses of AH- never saw them together. however, my attention span was challenged - awards shows are hard for me to watch attentively.
I agree. That dress is amazing!
Brownishcoat I found one picture of David here and four more here.
That is one gorgeous dress! Did any of our other Buffy/Angel alums, besides these two and the ones from Lost, attend and get their photos taken? I have too much to do workwise to go through them all, besides the overwhelming lack of interest in most of the photos.

I didn't watch but maybe 10 minutes worth of the show, but fortunately caught Jon Stewart's segment.
A stunning couple. I've never seen Aly look more beautiful. Our WIllow's all grown up! That dress was the perfect variety of warm colors and hints of blue to match her coloring, just stunning. Did anybody else watch the pre show on E!? Star Jones interviewed Aly and Neil. It was quite odd because she asked Neil if he was going to show all the new TV people on their show the ropes for what it takes to handle TV (or something like that). Star pretty much insinuated that Aly had never been on TV before, can't exactly remember what she said. I was think "shaya, right". Aly could give Neil a couple of pointers actually.
Wow. Alexis is tall. Aly is hardly short, and she's almost certainly wearing heels.
Thanks for the links, TheDivineGoat! I knew someone would get him.

Photographer: "These might be worth something someday."

While watching the Lost extras, I was surprised at how young the creators looked. I'd never seen JJ Abrams before.

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