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September 19 2005

Anthony Stewart Head pops up on tonight's "Rose And Maloney". Screening on ITV1 tonight at 9pm, playing a character named "David Terry" whose morals are less than pure.

I don't watch ITV anymore, is this show any good?
Don't know really. Started watching it, ASH was good, but it wasnt enough to hold my attention, though im not really much of a detective story person myself.
Speaking of one Mr. Head, has anyone else here seen his fantastic role on BBC America's 'Little Britain' as The Prime Minister? The sketches feature him and his overly smitten,love-lorn assistant Sebastian. I can't recommend the series enough.
IS, Its something of a British treasure, probably the biggest comedy programe in the UK at the moment, and rightly so. I love it to little pieces, especially Vicky Pollard; she cracks me up no end

If you like Little Britain, I would also check out "Nighty Night" if it ends up coming over to you. It's dark and twisted and SO funny!

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