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September 19 2005

Time magazine interviews Joss Whedon together with Neil Gaiman. Today in Neil Gaiman's blog, Neil mentions that he was interview together with Joss by Lev Grossman for Time magazine. No mention of when the interview will appear in print or online.

Here's the contents of the blog entry about the interview:

This morning, to Hensons for a bunch of interviews, then Lev Grossman of Time interviewed me and Joss Whedon together (Joss on the phone) which seemed like it wouldn't work, but was actually most pleasant and fun. (My favourite bit was, in an aside, learning that Joss liked The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish.)

Sounds like it will be a fun interview and interesting read, not to mention major coverage, since you can't get more mainstream than Time magazine. I'm guessing the article will be on Serenity and MirrorMask since they both have the same release date.

I've changed the main link so it goes to Gaiman's blog rather than the Time mag homepage, and added tags.
This is like a dream come true for me - Neil and Joss in the same interview!! If there's jelly wrestling from the two of them, then I'm definitely still asleep.

I agree, Matt_Fabb, that this major coverage for both Joss and Neil's films is fantastic - it couldn't happen to a nicer couple of blokes.

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Now if they would just work together I could die happy.
Also, everyone be sure to check out Neil's new book, Anansi Boys. It's sure to be a treasure. LOVE the tagline -- 'God's dead, meet the kids.'
lol, this sounds like the best interview ever. I have equal respect for Neil Gaiman as I do for Joss Whedon, Sandman is still one of the best pieces of literature, comic or not, that I have ever read.
This is dreamy. And The Day I swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish and The Wolves In The Walls are two of the best childrens' books - for children with a slightly skewed sense of the normal, like mine for instance - you could hope to find.
Ah! Such lovely news on what otherwise is a very, very bad day.
SNT -- you are so totally right. How great will Coraline be for those same kids later on? And Neverwhere and eventually American Gods? :) Your kids are lucky to have a parent such as you, SNT!
Egads! Whedon and Gaiman, together in one interview?!? If only Prof. Tolkien were still alive we could get the entire Geek Holy Trinity to preach for us...

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